Western media revealed that Real Madrid intends to invite Wang Zhizhi to join the European Basketball League

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Netease Sports News on February 19th

After the news that Wang Zhizhi might join Italy's Benetton team last year, the Spanish media broke the news again, saying that Spain's Real Madrid team intends to invite Wang Zhizhi to join the team for the rest of the European Basketball Premier League this season.

Real Madrid basketball team intends to invite Wang Zhizhi to join

Real Madrid successfully reached the top 16 in the 2007-2008 UEFA Super Basketball League. In the second stage of the game, they joined Lithuanian champion Kaunas, Greece’s Olympiacos and Israel’s Maccabi Tel Aviv. A recognized group of deaths, Real Madrid narrowly beat Kaunas by three points in the first game. However, due to the injury of their main center Papadopoulos, Real Madrid exposed many problems in the interior, so the club intends to be in the transfer market. Looking for an inside player to fill the gap in the Greek center.

According to the article, the current Real Madrid management believes that the more suitable candidate is Wang Zhizhi from China. They claim that Wang Zhizhi, who is up to 2.16 meters tall, has flexible pace and strong scoring ability, and can adapt to European basketball.

The Spanish media are also very familiar with Wang Zhizhi, the first Chinese player to land in the NBA. They have counted Dazhi's journey from landing to the Mavericks, to the speedboat, and finally ending the NBA journey with the Heat. They also mentioned that Wang Zhizhi had a period of time. Due to a misunderstanding with the Chinese national team, he did not play for the Chinese team for a period of time before 2006. However, they also mentioned that Wang Zhizhi had performed well after returning to the Chinese League to join the Bayi Rockets. In the recent CBA All-Star Game, he was awarded the MVP with 26 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists, and the Spanish media also specifically mentioned Bayi. He has been eliminated in the Chinese League, so Wang Zhizhi, who currently has no competition task, may go to Real Madrid to play.

What is the European Basketball League?

——The European Basketball League (EuroLeague) consists of four stages. The first stage is the regular season. Twenty-four top teams from European leagues are drawn and divided into three groups. In the home and away double rounds, the five teams with the best performance in each group and the sixth team with the best performance in each group advance to the semi-finals. The group rankings in the semi-finals are calculated based on the number of wins and losses, results and score differences. The teams that enter the top 16 are divided into four groups according to their regular season results. The semi-finals are based on home and away double rounds. After six games, the two teams with the best results in each group advance to the quarter-finals, which is the post-season. Match. Then the elimination rounds until the final championship is produced. The number of participating countries in the European Basketball League is not limited to the top two, and it will be adjusted at any time according to the level of the national league and past results.

What is the level of the Real Madrid basketball team?

——The reputation of the Real Madrid basketball team is by no means inferior to their football team. The Real Madrid basketball team was formally established in 1931. It has won 29 Spanish League championships, 22 Spanish Copa del Rey championships and 8 European championships. Champion, has won 18 league championships in 19 seasons, Real Madrid football team is called "Galaxy Fleet", Real Madrid basketball team is called "Real Madrid Dynasty".


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