Liaoning fans were happy for nothing, Real Madrid unilaterally made an own goal, and the European Basketball team began to intervene in the Chinese market? _ Majori

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Original title: Liaoning fans were happy for nothing, Real Madrid unilaterally made an own goal, and the European Basketball team began to intervene in the Chinese market?

In this year’s Extraordinary 12 games, Tunisian center Salah Majori stayed in China after participating in the Men’s Basketball World Cup and was invited by the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team to represent the team. Extraordinary 12 games and helped the team win the final championship.

Majori played very well in these games. His attitude on the court was very positive, his height and arm length were full of dominance in the interior, and his cooperation with the foreign aid Stephenson was also very good. Well, making Liaoning fans like the center forward is a supplement to the weak inside line of the Liaoning team besides Han Dejun.

However, the Liaoning team’s head coach Guo Shiqiang publicly stated that the team will not sign with Mejli. This has caused a lot of Liaoning fans were very disappointed.

Recently, Real Madrid Football Club published an article on Weibo for their basketball club to join players. Many Liaoning fans were very happy, and wrote in the article that Real Madrid Basketball Club and Liaoning Men’s Basketball Reached an agreement, Liaoning team player Majori joined the Real Madrid men's basketball team on loan until the end of the season.

Seeing this news, many Liaoning fans were very excited. The article clearly stated that Megeri belonged to the Liaoning team on loan. For Real Madrid, he will return to the Liaoning team after a year of playing, and the right to sign is still in the hands of Liaoning.

Then Liaoning officials immediately came forward to refute the rumors, stating that the Liaoning Club had never had any contact with the Real Madrid Basketball Club in the matter of Majori, and emphasized that it was extraordinary with Majori. In the 12th game, the two sides established a very good relationship and die cutting, and the cooperation was also very happy. The future will not rule out the opportunity to join hands.

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This statement directly extinguished the hopes of the fans. It was later confirmed that this was indeed Real Madrid’s mistake. The Oolong unilaterally made trouble, Liaoning did not and Majori, the two sides only established a mutual agreement on a cooperation, and did not have a substantial contract.

If Liaoning gets Majori as the team's big foreign aid, then the height and thickness of the inside line will undoubtedly be a greater improvement. After Han Dejun was injured in the playoffs this year, the inside line was smashed. It is an important factor in losing.

Besides, there will be powerful inside players like Yi Jianlian and Zhou Qi in the league next season. They are all potential opponents of the Liaoning team. The team has Majori as a great guarantee for insiders, so The fans are very disappointed at losing Majori.

What’s interesting is that this news about Mejeri’s joining was issued by Real Madrid Football Club on behalf of the basketball club. It used to be very rare This happened, but it just proved one thing, that is, European basketball is slowly entering the Chinese market, and the sense of business is still very sensitive!

Then the only high-level event in the world is European basketball, and in this year’s Men’s Basketball World Cup European basketball is indeed a hit in China, and many people advocate China to learn European basketball.

This coincides with this time again, which happens to be the best opportunity for European basketball to expand its influence in China. This operation by Real Madrid also confirms that they are doing the same.

In the past, the announcement of the player joining will not be announced by the official football blog. This success has attracted the attention of some people in China.

So what do you mean by this statement of Real Madrid?

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