CCTV live broadcast women's basketball VS Serbia, the second place in the world is not true! Li Yueru's strength crushes the opponent

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On August 4th, at 9 o’clock Beijing time, the first game of the quarter-finals of the Olympic Women’s Basketball Team will be played by China against Serbia.

The Chinese women’s basketball team won all three matches in the group stage, including Li Yueru’s free throw victory over Australia and a 74-62 victory over Belgium.

China’s performance in the group stage can only be described as stable. The team’s heart is calm and the game against Australia has been leading the game, leading 67 to 57 in the final 3:48. In the end, the opponent used two desperate three-pointers to make a 74 tie, but the Chinese team did not mess in the last 2.6 seconds by Li Yueru's free throw lore.

In the first quarter against Belgium, China trailed by 8 points at most in the first quarter, but we were not impatient. We still played according to our established tactics and started to use the advantage of rotation to drag in the third quarter. Defeated the opponent, and then slowly established a score advantage and successfully saved the victory.

The best thing about the women’s basketball team in the past 3 games is that our offense depends on cooperation. For example, take China vs. Belgium as an example. We scored a total of 30 sports goals, 21 of which were achieved by assists. Our players are good at using various tactics to create opportunities for teammates, so the opponents are not very good. Defend.

The women’s basketball team has made a lot of mistakes in the past three games. It is understandable that China’s compulsive style of play has made many mistakes. Our mistakes are not terrible. As long as we make mistakes, we can’t retreat quickly. It is enough to give the opponent a quick break, so even if our mistakes do not do much harm to the team, this is also the most valuable part of the women's basketball team. Our players work hard to fight and run in the game, so the opponent will not get too good. Shooting opportunities.

In the past three games, there was Li Yueru in the women’s basketball team and Li Meng outside. These two core players have played a key role. In addition, Shao Ting can also play an organizing forward role, Wang Siyu Xu Limin has to rotate 10 players in every game. Our main players are like Li Meng. Li Yueru’s playing time is only about 25-28 minutes. We will allow Li Yueru to wait for Li Yueru through a reasonable allocation of players’ playing time. People maintain plenty of physical strength, so that they can win the game by relying on their physical strength in the fourth quarter.

Serbia didn’t play well in the Olympic Games. They won by 4 points from South Korea and lost to Spain by 15 points. In the previous Olympic qualifiers, China beat Spain by 2 points. Won the South Korea by nearly 40 points, and the current Chinese women's basketball team has made significant progress compared with last year's Olympic Games, and our strength has been very well strengthened.

In the three group games of this Olympics, China averaged 82.3 points per game, while its opponents only had 69 points. Obviously, Serbia’s offense was not good.

Serbia has very good tactical skills. They are good at pressing on the court and looking for opportunities through the possession of the defender, but the tallest player in Serbia is only 1.95 meters tall, and we have Li Yueru, who is 2 meters away, and Han Xu, who is 2.05 meters away, we can do something on the inside.

Serbia’s average age is 30 years old. China is only 25 years old. We have the physical advantage. China rotates players by a large margin to keep the pressure on the court. If Serbia plays according to the Chinese rhythm, it will be like Belgium is also physically exhausted in the fourth quarter, and the women's basketball team has a great chance in the fourth quarter.

Serbia was the third place in the women’s basketball team in the Rio Olympics in 2016 and the European Cup champion in 2021, so they ranked second in the Olympic power list, with the Chinese women’s basketball team and Serbia in the team. We met in the group stage, we lost to our opponent 72 to 80, and now we have a chance for revenge.

With the strength of both sides, China is slightly stronger,We have a world-class center like Li Yueru and the opponent suffers a lot from the inside. If we play more inside and make good use of the rotation to consume the opponent’s physical strength, we can control the rhythm of the game. It is expected that China will defeat Serbia with a 5-10 point difference. Within.


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