Today's highlights: Ping pong women's singles block Mima Ito, Chinese women's volleyball team ushered in a "life and death battle"

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On July 29, the Tokyo Olympics will produce 17 gold medals in table tennis, shooting, gymnastics, swimming, rowing and other events.

Table tennis will take the lead in the men's and women's singles semi-final competition, and then the women's singles medal match, the Chinese table tennis team once again launched an impact for the gold medal.

From the semifinals, the real tough battle came: the Chinese team sent Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha to play in the women's singles. The biggest opponent of the women's singles Chinese team is Japan's Mima Ito. Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha hardly encountered much obstacles in the previous games. Except for Chen Meng's small resistance in the quarterfinals, the two spent most of their time crushing their opponents to advance. In today's semi-finals, they will face Yumengyu and Ito Mima respectively. It is worth looking forward to whether Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha, who are regarded as "double insurance", can prevent their opponents from meeting smoothly. Fan Zhendong and Ma Long played in the men's singles. As seed players, they were equally divided into the half area. In the semi-finals, Malone will face Ocharov, and Fan Zhendong will recruit Lin Yunru.

Mima Ito

15:25 pm, Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Will face the third opponent in Group B, the Russian Olympic Committee team.

The situation of the Chinese women’s volleyball line is precarious. In Group B of the Tokyo Olympics, they lost 0-3 to the Turkish women's volleyball team and 0-3 to the US women's volleyball team and suffered two consecutive defeats. In the third round of the group stage, the Chinese women's volleyball team will face the veteran European powerhouse Russian women's volleyball team. The Chinese women's volleyball team has always been slow in the Olympics. The losing streak at the beginning is not a bad thing for the Chinese women's volleyball team. The loss will burden the Chinese women's volleyball team. Zhu Ting, Li Yingying, and Yuan Xinyue are recovering. I believe that the Chinese women's volleyball team can reverse the situation and regain its strength.

In addition, the morning swimming will have 5 gold medals in men’s 800-meter freestyle, men’s 200-meter breaststroke, women’s 200-meter butterfly, men’s 100-meter freestyle, and women’s 4×200-meter freestyle relay. Chinese player Zhang Yufei entered the final with a score of 2:04.89 in the women's 200m butterfly semifinal. Another Chinese player, Yu Liyan, entered the final. Zhang Yufei regretted that she missed the gold medal in the women's 100-meter butterfly final with a slight gap of 0.05 seconds. The 200-meter butterfly was the stage for Zhang Yufei to display her skills. After the Rio defeat, she will attack the first gold medal in Chinese swimming at the Tokyo Olympics.

At 18:50 in the evening, the women's gymnastics all-around finals began. The Chinese delegation sent Tang Qianjing and Lu Yufei two teenagers to look forward to their good results.

The women’s rugby sevens game will also kick off on the 29th. In the group round C group, the Chinese team will play in one day double matches. The team will face the United States at 9 am and the Australian team at 16:30. .

The golf competition will also start. Chinese players Yuan Yechun and Wu Ashun will play in the men's first round.


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