How do you think the Chinese women's volleyball team lost to the Russian women's volleyball team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and suffered a three-game losing streak. Can the Chinese women's volleyball team qualify?

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China 3-0 Italy:

A gratifying victory, The Chinese women’s volleyball team completed their own part of the qualifying conditions, but unfortunately everything was too late

Turkey 3-0 Argentina:

Eliminated because of Argentina Failed to win Turkey by 1 game, so even if the Chinese team won Argentina 3-0 in the last round and Turkey lost 0-3 to Russia, they would be defeated by Turkey (9 wins and 9 wins) due to their net disadvantage (8 wins and 9 losses). disuse.

7.31 latest:

Russia 3-0 the United States, 3 wins, early qualifying

Turkey 3-0 Argentina, because of the victory Reached 9, and China reached the top with only 8, qualifying ahead of schedule

7.29 Answer:

There is still a possibility of qualifying in theory. First of all, it depends on the results of the United States and Turkey. Well, the result was not ideal, leaving direct competitors Russia and Turkey a chance to play tacitly in the final round.

But it’s already reached this point. You don’t have to think too much. If you want to qualify, you can win over Italy. It’s almost okay. Only in this way, on the 31st, we will continue to analyze the possibility of qualifying. Opportunity, and the qualification to be "tacitly" done by the opponent.

The ideal score was originally for the United States to win 3-1 or 3-0. Now this result is very bad. Although Turkey lost, it scored 1 point, even China Won Italy, if Russia 3-2 Turkey in the final round, Russia and Turkey can join hands to qualify.

For a detailed analysis of the possibility of qualifying, see below:

Words less version (easy to read):

The first type: The Chinese team defeated Italy in the last two rounds and Argentina, then Russia loses the United States and Turkey, or Turkey wins Argentina (3-1 or 3-2), loses Russia (must lose 0-3) , So that China will have a chance to win 2 wins with Russia or Turkey, and then compare points, net wins, etc. with each other.

The second type: The Chinese team lost to Italy and defeated Argentina in the last two rounds, then only Turkey lost to Argentina and Russia, and finally China , Turkey, and Argentina each won 1 win, and the three teams compare their points and win games.

Multi-word version:

The first comparison of the team qualifying is the win, and then the points, the game difference, the point difference, and the win-loss relationship.

At present, the third, fourth, and fifth places in Group B are likely to be produced in China, Russia, and Turkey. Among them, the Chinese women's volleyball team won 0, accumulated 1 point, lost 9 games, and won 2 games, the Russian women's volleyball team won 2 games, accumulated 5 points, lost 5 games, and won 6 games, and the Turkish women's volleyball team won 1 game, accumulated 4 points, and lost 6 games. 6 rounds.

If China wants to squeeze out Russia, the major prerequisite is that China wins Italy and Argentina, while Russia loses the United States and Turkey. In this way, China finally won 8 games and lost (9-13) games, and Russia won (6-10) games and lost 11 games.

How China wins and how Russia loses, it needs to be discussed in multiple situations:

1. If Russia loses both games with a score of 2-3,

1. b>Then the final score is 7 points, the game difference is -1. Only when the Chinese team beats Italy and Argentina 3-0 can they have a chance to compare the points difference with Russia. If the points difference is the same, Is eliminated because of the relationship between victory and defeat;

2. If RussiaThe two defeats are divided into 1-3 and 2-3, so the final score is 6 points, the game difference is -2, The Chinese team can win 3-0 or 3-1 over Italy and Argentina, and score 7 points to qualify. , if 3-2, Italy will be eliminated because of a game difference of -3;

3. If Russia loses two games with a score of 1-3, then the final score will be 5. Points, game difference-3, In addition to winning 3-0 or 3-1 against Italy and Argentina, and accumulating 7 points, the Chinese team can also defeat Italy 3-2 and Argentina 3-0/3-1. Accumulate 6 points to qualify;


In other words, As long as Russia can’t score points on the United States and Turkey, the Chinese team only needs to beat Italy and at the same time If you beat Argentina 3-0 or 3-1, you can qualify with a point advantage. And as long as Russia wins the fewer games, the Chinese team can still lose points on Argentina and then compare the winning games...

Of course, the analysis similar to the above situation also applies to China and Turkey, but the possibility is even smaller. In the last two rounds, if Turkey beats Argentina (maximum 3-1) and loses to Russia (must be 0-3), then Russia will have already qualified, and Turkey has 2 wins. Only when China defeats Italy and Argentina (and must be zero opponents) can they have a chance to compare their net points with Turkey and compete for the last spot.

The last situation, which is the extremely small probability event I mentioned before, Turkey loses all in the next game, and then China loses Italy and defeats Argentina, and finally China and Turkey , Argentina have 1 win, and the three will compare their points with others.

In fact, analyzing so much may not be meaningful at all, because the Chinese women's volleyball team has a high probability of not beating Italy, let alone sweeping [I was beaten in the face, happy]. However, when I saw that some netizens were asking if there was still a chance to qualify, I thought it was better to write about it. At least, fans who love women's volleyball have not given up yet. How could women's volleyball girls give up lightly? ?


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