The FIVB finally made it! Russian coach was banned, discrimination still exists

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Original title: The FIVB has finally taken action! The Russian coach was suspended and the discrimination still exists.

There was a lot of noise in the previous period. The Korean Volleyball Association's request to severely punish the Russian assistant coach and request a rematch has been replied. Recently, the FIVB has punished the Russian women's volleyball assistant coach for suspected discrimination against Asians after the team reversed their victory over the Korean women's volleyball team: they did not accept the request of the Korean Volleyball Association for a rematch, but gave the Russian women's volleyball assistant coach. , Italian coach Sergio Busato suspended the penalty for two international matches.

Since the discriminatory behavior is made after the competition, the FIVB will naturally not agree to the absurd request for a rematch. The Russian women's volleyball team has won Olympic tickets, and this year there will be European Championships and World Cup appearances in international competitions. Regarding the penalty for Busato’s suspension of two international matches, it is not clear whether it is the suspension of two matches of one major tournament or the suspension of both international tournaments (European Championship and World Cup).

But what is certain is that the international volleyball team finally made a move this time, and the rude and even discriminatory behaviors on the field have also been punished due to discrimination, but discrimination The phenomenon will continue to occur. It was also the venue for the Olympic qualifiers, where the Chinese men's volleyball team lost to the world's sixth-ranked Argentina men's volleyball team in five rounds. After the game, the Argentine men's volleyball player Conte made the same squinting action in front of the camera while celebrating winning the Olympic tickets.

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Although Conte himself also issued an apology afterwards, stating that he did not discriminate against Asians, but such perfunctory reasons cannot make Chinese fans. Accepted, the fans' voices about the FIVB's punishment of Conte are getting louder and louder, and Conte's personal social platform was besieged by fans and forced to shut down.

Because Conte once participated in the Chinese League as a foreign aid and won the league championship on behalf of the Shanghai Men's Volleyball Team. Now Conte is making Chinese money but discriminating against Chinese people is all infuriating. Faced with the same phenomenon of discrimination, the Chinese Volleyball Association did not ask its opponents like the Korean Volleyball Association. Naturally, the International Volleyball Federation will not penalize unreasonable claims, but such discrimination has occurred more than once in volleyball. Arena.

The most typical example is that after the Italian women's volleyball team defeated the Chinese women's volleyball team at the World Championships, individual players yelled at the women's volleyball team. The screaming behavior really made people's atmosphere. The Chinese women's volleyball team is currently one of the most popular in the world, but there are still many people behind the women's volleyball team. Volleyball is a collective event, and the winning or losing of the game cannot be dominated by any player.

It is regrettable for the loser, and it is inevitable for the winner to celebrate the victory, but if you make rants, roars or even insulting behaviors, it is indeed It violates the tenet of "friendship first and competition second" in competitive sports. Therefore, both players and coaches should maintain a low-key and humble attitude and style of play, truly promote sportsmanship, and be a qualified professional sports athlete.

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