Former BAIC men's volleyball Cuban foreign aid obtains Russian nationality, Japanese women's volleyball team 5 will stay abroad in the new season

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The Chinese Women's Volleyball Team Swiss Classic will start soon! Liu Xiaotong Gong Xiangyu leads the lineup


Cuban Oreo obtains Russian citizenship

After the end of the first warm-up match with the Chinese men’s volleyball team, Italian men’s volleyball coach Branchini announced the team’s 14 players for the World Championships, and many stars were selected; the Asian Games in Jakarta ended, and Iran and China dominated the men’s and women’s volleyball teams respectively. Project; 32-year-old former BAIC men's volleyball foreign aid Oreo obtained Russian nationality; 5 Japanese women's volleyball players decided to play in European clubs in the new season. Let’s walk into the 30th Volleyball Globe to learn about the dynamics of international Volleyball last week:

[European Section]



Nozomi Nagaoka joins Serie A

Italian women’s volleyball league giant Conegliano announced last week that

the team signed the head of the Japanese women’s volleyball team to meet Nozomi Nagaoka And the Croatian national team deputy attacked Samadan.

The Italian Men's Volleyball Super League champion club Perugia announced through its official website that the team will not participate in this year's Club World Cup.

After the end of the first warm-up match with the Chinese men’s volleyball team, Italian men’s volleyball coach Branchini announced their 14-man roster for the World Championships, including the main setter Giannelli and the main attacking star Juan Torrena, Lanza and Super Receptor Zaitsev were all shortlisted.


Former BAIC men’s volleyball foreign aid and Cuban Oreo Cameho officially obtained Russian citizenship. At the age of 32, he played for the upstart Zenit St. Petersburg club, or will no longer play in the Russian Super League as a foreign aid.

The former Shanghai women's volleyball foreign aid and the Czech main attacker Havelkova gave up the offer of the Turkish club and will switch to the Russian giants club Dynamo Moscow in the new season.


Cuban star Calderon

The French women’s volleyball team and the Le Cannet club, which has announced the merger with Zurich Voreiro, Switzerland, has announced the news of signings. The team signed the original Cuban star Calderon further strengthened the team's lineup.

To prepare for the upcoming World Championships, the French men's volleyball team and the Serbian men's volleyball team had two warm-up matches. The first match was Serbia's 3-2 victory over the host. In this match, France defeated the visiting opponent by the same score.

The Netherlands

The Dutch men’s volleyball team also competed in two friendly matches with the Belgian men’s volleyball team. They won 2 and lost to Belgium 2-3 in the second match. The two sides drew a tie.


As the host of the Finnish Men’s Volleyball Team to welcome the visiting Japanese men’s volleyball team, instead of the two pre-World Championships To prepare for the warm-up, after the Finnish team won 3-2 in the first game, they lost one 0-3 in the second game.


Greece Women's Volleyball Team ALeague powerhouse Aris recently announced that the team moved from Serie A team Modena to Colombian heavy gunner Montaño.


The Japanese national player joins the Romanian League Championship

The Romanian Women’s Volleyball League Champion Bucharest will be announced through its official website, thanks to the convenience of the team’s coach Ferro also serving as the assistant coach of the Japanese women’s volleyball team,

They will introduce four Japanese players in the new season, namely the former national setter Naoko Hashimoto, the free man Saitian An, and the two active national setters Tashiro Kanami and the free man Kotoe Inoue.


The FIVB announced at the Swiss headquarters last week that the 2019 World Championships for all ages The host country has determined that the Women's Volleyball Under-18 World Championships will be held in Egypt, the Men's Volleyball Under-19 World Championships will be placed in Tunisia, the Women's Volleyball Under-20 World Championships will be hosted by Mexico, and the Men's Volleyball Under-21 World Championships will be settled. Bahrain.

[America section]


Argentina Men’s Volleyball

The 2018 Pan Am Cup Men’s Volleyball Competition ended last weekend At the curtain, the Argentine men's volleyball team, which also sent a second-line team to play, defeated Brazil 3-2 in the final and won the championship this year. The Argentine star Palacios scored 21 points in the final and was named the most valuable player of the tournament after the game. The Cuban men's volleyball team defeated Puerto Rico 3-1 in the third place and won the precious bronze medal.

[Asia Section]


The 2018 Asian Games came to an end in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. In the women's volleyball match, the Chinese team passed all the way and swept Thailand 3-0 in the final, winning the eighth championship of the Asian Games. The South Korean team defeated Japan 3-1 in the bronze medal competition and successfully stood on the podium. The men's volleyball team had a similar situation. Defending champion Iran defeated South Korea 3-0 in the final and continued to dominate Asia. And Chinese Taipei was 3-1 against Qatar, the new Asian Cup champion, and tied their best record in history with a bronze medal.


The defending champion of the Israeli women’s volleyball league Haifa Maccabi officially introduced the former Brazilian women’s ranking player Erica , As an alternative to the vacancy after the departure of American Tom.



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