Male volleyball star Muselski: I love volleyball. Medal honors are just an add-on to my work

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Dimitri Muselski, helping the Russian men’s volleyball team win the first national league in 2018 The core player of the laurels, the 2.18-meter big man as a deputy attacker, of course, was selected as the best team in the national league. He is currently playing for the Suntory Sunbird Club in Japan. He accepted an interview with the FIVB and talked about the national league, volleyball and life.

Q: The Russian men's volleyball team is not the favorite to win the championship, but it defeated the host to win the championship. What makes you so strong?

A: I often say that there is no absolute underdog at this level. Any team can win, and of course it can lose. There are many decisive factors: environment, preparations, goals, team atmosphere, psychological development, life problems, and so on.

Last year's national league was very good for us. Every factor fits well. We defeated all our opponents. The team is very confident and very harmonious. We are as strong as a rock. The day before the finals started, I firmly believed that we would win the championship.

Q: What influenced the Russian men's volleyball team to achieve another good record in the World Championships?

A: Maybe we have changed teams, many players have changed, our preparations have changed, and the atmosphere in the team has changed. At the World Championships, we were not competing against our opponents, but against ourselves.

Q: After the national league last year, you said: "I feel comfortable and beautiful! The national league in 2018, I will miss you!" Are you already looking forward to the national league in 2019? ?

A: I like to work with the current coach. I like the team from last year. Of course, I hope to experience that feeling again and look forward to renewing its glory in 2019.

Q: Will the Russian men’s volleyball team defend this year’s championship in the same way as last year?

A: I am not a god and cannot predict the future. But I will definitely use all my efforts to defend this honor. It can be said that I always try my best to help the team score because I love volleyball.

Q: What do you think of the competition system of the national league?

A: I like this format. You will have enough time to recover and adapt to the jet lag in different countries. Of course, the defending requires training to summarize and correct errors.

Q: What made you return to the national team last year after a long absence?

A: In the summer of 2017, after discussing with the coach, he agreed to give me the first time off in my career and time to spend time with my family. I need this kind of vacation because my body and mind are very exhausted, but in 2018 I played the entire season.

Q: You have won many championships in your career, but the World Championship seems It is an important lack. The next World Championships will be held in Russia in four years. Will you stick to it and make up for this regret?

A: Very good question. I don't play volleyball for medals or honors, I do it for life. Medals and honors are just additional items in my work, not necessary. I like the education and career development I have received, I have my own development path, and I like it very much. I don't have a goal for what to play, I only have a goal for how to play.

Q: This is your first season in an overseas league. Why did you choose Japan?

A: When I decided to change clubs, Japan was my only choice. I like the humanities and modernity here, I like their understanding of the sport, and I like their attitude towards life.

They are very close to me. I like their courtesy and respect for everyone, no matter who you are, tall or short, foreigner or Japanese, ordinary person or athlete. I like the quality of all their things, from the level of organization of the game to all aspects of life. Even the food surprises me. Their supermarket updates food three times a day.

I like this country, and of course I also like to play in Suntory.

Q: In the latest social status, you said: "Volleyball is an art. "Can you explain it in detail?"

A: This is my understanding of sports, especially volleyball. Sports is an art, not war. We need to focus on good performance and enjoy the game.

Q: If you could build your own dream team, which six people would you choose to join you? (Old routine)

A: Everyone in the world can teach you some important truths. I am very happy to learn. I don't know who I will become teammates with in the future, and I don't want to make a decision. Time will tell us everything, but I will be grateful for the opportunities and experiences that my teammates will give in the future.



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