Regret! Women's Volleyball World Championship failed visa approval, missed the volleyball Super League but was invited to participate in the American League

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Original title: Sorry! The women’s volleyball world champion’s visa approval failed, and was invited to participate in the American League without qualifying for the volleyball league.

Regret! The women’s volleyball world champion’s visa approval failed, and she was invited to participate in the U.S. League without qualifying for the Super League

Last month, it was announced that Russia’s main attacker Koshereva, who will participate in the Chinese Super League in the new season, announced its plan to be stranded on the Internet. According to the news, she missed the 2020/2021 Super League due to the failure to apply for a visa. The offensive prowess of Koseleva, who has won the title of world champion, is obvious to all. This is another great pity for the short schedule of the Chinese League. However, Brazil accepted the invitation of Sierra to participate in the newly launched American Professional League. She has not yet Response.

Kosheleva announced on social media: "Can’t go to China, for what reason, and why, it’s no longer important. Everyone, including the visa office, past and future team leaders, is trying to find a way, but unfortunately, they did not find a solution that can get the visa processed."

Kosheleva's advantage In the offensive at the 4th position and the back row, her spiking power is strong and the hitting point is high, but Kosheleva also has her inherent shortcomings. She is relatively weak in the guarantee link and moves slowly, which leads to a pass. And back-row defense and other links often become loopholes in the Russian women's volleyball team. When she debuted in 2010, because the Russian women's volleyball team still had a master-level support for Sokolova, Kosheleva won her first world championship as a rookie.

At present, Kosheleva's position in the Russian women's volleyball team is relatively embarrassing. Due to the weak protection of a pass, her first pass is on the main offensive line. Still unable to have the ability to protect themselves, Palvitz and Volonkova's first pass is stronger than her. If Kosheleva is placed in the position of support, the current state is far less than the main force to respond to Goncharova. Due to an injury in the Turkish Super League in 2017, Koshereva has not played for Russia for 3 years. Even next year's Olympics, I am afraid that it is unlikely that she will play the main force.

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Koshereva has a rich professional league experience. He has played for many European clubs such as Isachibashi in the Turkish Super League and Lokomotiv Kaliningrad in the Russian Super League. She joined Guangdong Heng in last season. The big women's volleyball team changed to match up. She maximized her strengths and circumvented the shortcomings to minimize the number of rounds she received. In the end, she gave full play to the advantage of heavy artillery attack and provided strong support for Evergrande to enter the semi-finals on the offensive end.

In the new season, Kosheleva still chose to play in China, and even gave up staying in Kaliningrad. The opportunity to renew the contract, after all, the time for the top-ranking is short. She can finish the top-ranking and return to Russia to participate in the Russian Super League. The current priority is to find the next home as soon as possible, otherwise, as she said on the Internet, she even had the idea of ​​retiring. .

The Brazilian star Sierra learned of this and gave Koseleva and invited her to participate in the American Professional League. Since the U.S. Volleyball Association only organized a college student league before, there is no real professional league, the new season is also preparing to open the league scene, and sincerely invite world famous players to join. Many of the main players in the US national team, Brazilian star Sierra and others will help out. Kosheleva has not yet responded to Sierra's invitation. However, given the uncertain factors in the environment, it is unknown whether the American professional league can start normally.

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