cowardly! The Chinese women's volleyball team 3-1 sent the Russian team "home", Lang Ping responded to the next goal! _ competition

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Original title: Hard gas! The Chinese women's volleyball team 3-1 sent the Russian team "home", Lang Ping responded to the next goal!

Yesterday, the fourth round of the 2018 Women's Volleyball World Championships rematch began as scheduled. In the face of the Russian team fighting to qualify, the Chinese women's volleyball team, which has secured the right to qualify, did not "put the opponent a yard" with a benevolence, but instead sent the main force to fight with the opponent with "real swords and real guns". In the end, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated the powerful Russian team 3-1. While sending their opponents "home", they also "assisted" the American women's volleyball team into the top six.

In this campaign, because the Chinese women’s volleyball team has already made it to the top six before the competition, there is not the slightest burden of winning or losing, so it is in the competition In the past, many people in the industry believed that the Chinese women's volleyball team would preserve its strength and give the Russian team a favor. However, when the game started, the Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping sent Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning as the main attackers, Yuan Xinyue and Yan Ni as deputy attackers, and joined the main lineups of Gong Xiangyu, setter Ding Xia and free agent Wang Mengjie, and finally passed the four-quarter fierce battle. With a 3-1, the Russian team was able to stay out of the top six of the World Championships.

In this women's volleyball world cotton competition, the Chinese women's volleyball team is led by 6 Olympic veterans and 8 newcomers. The pressure is very high. Big. Therefore, coach Lang Ping set the goal of the World Championships to enter the top six. Before the match against the Russian team, the Chinese women's volleyball team had actually achieved the set goal. Regarding the Chinese women’s volleyball team going all-out to play in Russia, some people think that the Chinese women’s volleyball team is trying to better select opponents. In this regard, coach Lang Ping firmly denies this statement:

"We did not say anything specifically about this. We are all A very professional coach, who sees the winning or losing of every game very important." Lang Ping’s words are full of confidence and determination.

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Regarding the adjustments to some personnel and tactics in the Sino-Russian World War I, Lang Ping expressed her satisfaction. She said: "Today's game was very difficult. Russia is a traditional strong team in the world. We played tenaciously today. We have accumulated experience in fighting against the European team and prepared for the next stage of the game. In this life-and-death battle, adjust your mood. It’s easy to say that it’s easy to play a good game, but in the big game you need to encourage each other and form a tacit understanding between the players on the field. This is all very important. The whole team has been well tempered.". Obviously, Lang Ping has begun to adjust the team's next goal after Lectra's rival Russia.

After the game, when a reporter from Japan’s TBS TV station interviewed Lang Ping, he said that the Chinese women’s volleyball team lost to Italy in the first stage, but later The team’s performance is getting better and better.

What is the next goal of the Chinese team? Lang Ping used six characters to state the next goal, which means "win every game!".

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