World women's volleyball team's latest transfer! Russian heavy artillery may join the Chinese league, Zhejiang may intend to recruit

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Text/Mei Changsu

There is new news about the transfer of women's volleyball leagues from 2020 to 2021. According to Smurina, the agent of Russian women's volleyball "heavy gunner" Kosheleva, Koseleva has received a very specific contract invitation from the Chinese Volleyball Super League, but Koseleva’s agent did not disclose which Chinese club it is. Koseleva played for the Guangdong Evergrande women’s volleyball team last season. , But there is news that Evergrande women’s volleyball team will introduce the US women’s volleyball team to attack Robinson next season. If this is the case, it is unlikely that Evergrande women’s volleyball team will introduce Kosheleva again. Perhaps it is China who is interested in Kosheleva. The volleyball team surpassed other clubs. Some time ago, there was news that the Zhejiang women’s volleyball team intends to recruit the Russian women’s volleyball team for the next season. cake".

In the middle of this month, Brazilian media reported that Koseleva will return to the Brazilian Women’s Volleyball Super League next season. The team joined is the Osasco Club, which has gathered Brazilian women’s volleyball players such as Jacqueline, Camilla, Roberta and other national players. The Brazilian Women’s Volleyball Super League is no stranger to Koseleva. She has played in 2018 to 2019. Played for the Cesc Club in the Palestinian Super League this season. It is understood that the reason why Osasco has been unable to confirm Koseleva’s transfer in the Palestinian Super League is due to the delay of the team sponsor’s budget for the new season. Koseleva obviously does not want to bet all of the treasures. As for Osasco, as a professional player, it is understandable that Koseleva has contact with many clubs. In fact, with regard to the prospect of Koseleva’s transfer to Osasco, Brazilian volleyball player Bruno once said that due to economic reasons, Osasco’s chance of introducing Koseleva is close to zero.

Koseleva performed quite well in the Super League last season, helping Evergrande Women’s Volleyball team to score again after many years In the semi-finals of the league, except for her outstanding performance on the field, Kosheleva has a high evaluation of everything in China. From this, it can also be seen that Kosheleva is indeed a player with a three-pointed view. She is often in her social network. The platform is "voicing" for China and for foreigners' "prejudice" against China. It should be said that Koseleva's evaluation of the Chinese Super League is still good. If there is an invitation from a Super League team, I believe Koseleva It should not be refused, Koshereva is likely to appear in the volleyball Premier League again next season, as to which team she joins still needs to be observed.

Koseleva has been playing in different countries’ leagues in recent years. Koseleva played for the 2016-2017 season. Isaqibashi women's volleyball team, Kosheleva played in Galata Sereva in the 2017-2018 season, Kosheleva moved to the Brazilian Women's Volleyball League Cesk Club in the 2018-2019 season, Kosheleva last season It was the first time to "test the waters" in the volleyball Super League and play for different teams continuously, which also reflects that Kosheleva's adaptability is very strong. At its peak, Kosheleva was hailed by Lang Ping as one of the world’s “three major attackers”. Kosheleva became the core of the Russian women’s volleyball team when she debuted. At the 2010 Women’s Volleyball World Championships, Kosheleva followed Russia. The women's volleyball team won the championship, and the young Koshereva won the best smash award. After that, she gradually became the absolute core of the Russian women's volleyball team.

In recent years, with the increase in age and injuries, Kosheleva’s comprehensive strength has Decline, but she still maintains a very high level. Koseleva’s agent Smurina revealed that Koseleva’s whereabouts next season is expected to be determined in early June this year, whether she will be in the Super League and where to join. A team, let us wait and see!


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