3 Serbia lost ninth with 26 turnovers

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Live broadcast at 12:30, December 04: Argentina vs China Live broadcast entrance

On December 3, Beijing time, the 10th round of the final stage of the 12th Men's Volleyball World Cup 2011 began. The Chinese men's volleyball team faced the European Championship champion Serbia and was reversed with the advantage of winning the first game. In the end, The opponent lost 1-3, and the scores of the four games were 26-24, 18-25, 19-25 and 12-25.

[Complete Event] 2011 Men's Volleyball World Cup Serbia-China Up Down

In the penultimate round of the game, the Chinese men's volleyball team, currently ranked 11th in the standings, has only won one victory and continued to appoint the main attackers Zhang Chen and Zhong Weijun, the deputy attackers Bian Hongmin and Liang Chunlong, and Yuan Zhi. , Setter Li Runming and free man Ren Qi started the heavy task; while the Serbian men’s volleyball team, which ranked only two higher than the Chinese team, temporarily ranked 9th, mainly attacked Kovačević and Nikic, and assisted Stankovic. Started against Podrashcanin, Milikovic, setter Petkovic and free agent Rosic.

In the first game, Yuan Zhi took the lead in the fixed-point attack on the second position. After that, the opponent made two mistakes in Kovačević’s attack. In addition, Zhong Weijun’s block was effective and the Chinese team started with a 4-0 lead. . Serbia was suspended in a timely manner to ease the situation under the disadvantage of backwardness. After Zhang Chen's attack was directly blocked, the opponent gradually chased the score to 5 levels. After 8-10, when the opponent was pulled to two points, the opponent's serve out of bounds, Yuan Zhi's lob was successful and Zhang Chen's serve directly scored the Chinese team's 3 points in a row and went 11-10. After the score reached 16 draws in the middle, Zhang Chen made a heavy buckle, Li Runming served and Liang Chunlong blocked again and contributed 3 points to widen the gap. After the game, the slug team launched a counterattack. After the score was tied to 21, the two sides subsequently formed a confrontation until it was tied at 23. After Milikovic's offense took the lead to get the game point 24-23, he served to the net to get the Chinese team back to the game point. After Yuan Zhi attacked the opponent and blocked out of bounds, the Chinese team reversed to overtake the game point 25-24. In the end, it was still Yuan Zhiqiang who attacked and scored another point to win the first game 26-24 difficultly.

[HD photos] Men’s Volleyball World Cup Chinese team 1-3 Serbia team

The two sides fought in different places. The two sides played relatively stalemate at the beginning, but unfortunately, they were tied from 1 to 5. Later, Yuan Zhi and Zhang Chen attacked out of bounds one after another, plus Li Runming's second offensive error, and Yuan Zhi's straight dunk in the second position was once again attacked out of bounds. The Chinese team lost 4 points in a row and fell behind 5-9. In the midgame period, in the 9-12 unfavorable situation, with the help of blocking Kavacevich's attack and Yuan Zhi's lob, although he once scored two points in a row to close the score to only one point, the opponent's use of serve and offense once again made it. The gap between the two sides gradually widened, and the Serbian team entered the second technical timeout with a 16-13 lead after Nikic hit the fourth position. In the later stage, Serbia became more and more courageous under the lead of the score. After Yuan Zhi served directly out of bounds, his opponent pulled back a game with a big score of 25-18.

In the third game, I saw that the boys were not affected by the loss of the previous game. Under the disadvantage of 1-3, they relied on the opponent to serve out of bounds and Zhong Weijun to counterattack in the fourth position to chase two points in a row. The score tied to 3. Later, after squatting with his opponent to 5 draws, Yuan Zhi hangs, the opponent's main attacker Nikic adjusted and attacked out of bounds, Zhang Chen counterattacked in the fourth position and Liang Chunlong blocked Nikic directly. The team scored 4 points in a row and 9 -5 Overtake. However, when leading 10-7, Li Runming served off the net, Zhang Chen attacked out of bounds, and Liang Chunlong passed the ball and lost 3 points in a row to lose his advantage. After the two sides battled to a 14th tie, Zhong Weijun served out of bounds and Zhang Chen adjusted the offensive miss to hit the marker. Two consecutive mistakes made the opponent lead 16-14.Enter the second technical suspension. In the latter part, although relying on Zhong Weijun and Liang Chunlong to block the score close to 18-19, his inability to hold up a pass made the situation again tight. Geng Xin smashed off the net to make the Serbian team another victory 25-19, Oita temporarily lead 2-1.

In the fourth round of the contest, the Chinese team who had a last stand had a relatively sluggish start. After 1 tie, Yuan Zhi attacked out of bounds, Zhong Weijun’s pass and offensive mistakes occurred one after another. In addition, the opponent’s offensive at this stage was extremely fierce. After Petkovic succeeded in his second attack, the Chinese team has entered the first technical timeout with a 2-8 score. After that, Nikic hit a counterattack, Zhang Chen smashed out of bounds and Yuan Zhi also made a mistake in the net after the attack, which made the opponents reappeared a climax of rising points and almost locked the victory of the game with 11-3. In the middle of the game, it was 4-15 behind, although he used the opponent's slack to chase 4 points, but it was of no avail. In the end, the Chinese men's volleyball boys were reversed by their opponents with a 12-25 and a big score of 1-3.

In this game, although veteran Yuan Zhi scored 19 points alone, he still couldn't help the Chinese men's volleyball team. Tomorrow afternoon, the men's volleyball boys will usher in the last opponent of the South American strong Argentina team in this tournament. It is worth looking forward to whether the final game can come to a perfect ending!

Live broadcast at 12:30, December 04: Argentina vs China Live broadcast entrance


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