Chen Meng and Fan Zhendong ranked first in the latest ITTF World Ranking _ Finals

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Original title: In the latest ITTF world rankings, Chen Meng and Fan Zhendong topped the list.

After restarting the series (Women’s World Cup, After the Men's World Cup, the finals), the latest ITTF World Rankings was released today, and Chen Meng and Fan Zhendong still occupy the top spot in the men's and women's singles.

For women, Chen Meng, who won the Women’s World Cup and the finals, topped the list with 19,750 points, Sun Yingsha rose to second place with 16,400 points, and Mima Ito dropped one. Ranked third. Wang Manyu, Ding Ning, Zhu Yuling, and Liu Shiwen are ranked four to seven. Zheng Yijing ranked eighth, ninth was Ishikawa Jiachun, Wang Yidi squeezed into the top ten with 11035 points.

Top ten women’s world rankings:

On the men’s side, Fan Zhendong, who won the Men’s World Cup, topped the list with 18,490 points. Xu Xin followed closely behind with 17,260 points. Finals champion Malone remained at the third. Lin Gaoyuan rose to fourth place and Zhang Benzhihe dropped to fifth place. Calderano, Lin Yunru, and Falk ranked six to eight. Liang Jingkun dropped one place to ninth, with veteran Boll in tenth place.

Top ten men’s world rankings:

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