Table Tennis Portugal ends! Japan wins 3 golds, Japanese coach's son wins 1 championship on behalf of Germany _ Ishikawa

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Original title: The Portuguese table tennis match ends! Japan won 3 golds and the Japanese coach’s son won the first championship for Germany.

Ishikawa Kasumi

Beijing time In the early morning of February 17, the Portuguese Table Tennis Challenge came to an end. All the national table tennis competitions gave up in this competition, and there were not many experts from various foreign associations. Only the Japanese women's team was relatively strong. In the end, they won all 3 gold medals in the women's event. Among them, Ishikawa won the New Year. The Japanese men’s team lost to the end and ended with 0.

It is worth mentioning that the father of the men’s singles champion-German player Qiu Dang is no one else. It is the Japanese team’s ace coach Qiu Jianxin (mentoring Zhang Benzhihe, Mizutani Hayabusa, Niwa Takaki, Ishikawa Kasumi). Qiu Jianxin is a former Chinese athlete. His and his son's teaching and playing concepts all originated in China. It seems that although the national table tennis has not come, the elements of Chinese table tennis are still everywhere!

Qiu Dang

The intensity of competition in the Portugal Challenge this year is average, and there is not much to watch. However, the Japanese women's table tennis team dispatched five people including Ishikawa Yoshizumi, Sato Hitomi, Kato Miyu, Hashimoto Honoka, and Shibata Saki to participate in singles events. These people have broken through the national table tennis world champion main force in international competitions. The strength is indeed not comparable to other opponents.

Sure enough, after the start of the game, almost only the women’s singles game was a little interesting. Although the Japanese team suffered a tragedy in which Hitomi Sato was beaten by Chinese veteran Shan Xiaona, 3 of the 5 players ended up. They made it to the semi-finals. They were Yoshizumi Ishikawa, Miyu Kato, Saki Shiba, and Hashimoto Honoka still lost the civil war.

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Shaki Shibata

In the final two rounds of the women’s singles, the world champion Ishikawa Ka Purely behind 0-2 staged a big reversal, defeated Kato Miyu 4-2 to advance to the final, and then faced another teammate Shida Saki who eliminated Chinese Taipei player Zheng Xianzhi 4-1. In this battle, Kasumi Ishikawa won without any suspense, and completely suppressed the junior sister to the top 4-0, and thus won the first international singles championship in the new year.

In addition to Ishikawa Yoshizumi, Japanese teenager Shiomi Maki also won the U21 (under 21) women's singles championship, and Shiba Tian Saki/Oto Saki defeated the Thai combination and won the women's doubles gold medal. So far, the three women's championships in Portugal have been won by the Japanese team. This result is not surprising.

Qiu Jianxin, the father of Qiu Party

For other items: Men’s singles as mentioned above, Germany Player Qiu Dang successfully climbed to the top and defeated the Ukrainian player to win the championship. In the men’s doubles final, the Portuguese team defeated the South Koreans. The mixed doubles championship and runner-up were taken by the French combination. The U21 men’s singles champion belonged to the Russian teenager. A hundred schools of thought contend, but it's a pity that it is a low-level chaos, and its gold content is limited.

On February 18th, the Hungarian Open will be played soon. Tomowa Zhang, Mima Ito and others will be on stage, but the national table tennis is still absent. We can only see them at the Qatar Open in March. I wish the Chinese team's training and competition in Qatar a successful conclusion, and then welcome the arrival of the World Table Tennis Championships in Busan: Come on!

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