Table Tennis Bulgaria Day 1: National Table Tennis 18 wins and 3 losses, about to face Hayada Hina and others _ Zheng Peifeng

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Original title: Bulgarian Table Tennis Tournament Day 1: National Table Tennis 18 wins and 3 losses, about to face Hayada Hina and others

After 21 fierce competitions, Guoping concluded all the duels on the first day of the Bulgarian Open early this morning. All three doubles matches were won, while the singles On the other hand, 15 people participated and won 15 games. In the end, 3 people were eliminated, and the remaining 12 people successfully advanced to the second round of qualifying.

This year, the Bulgarian National Ping Pong Championship did not send a core team to compete, especially for men’s singles. There are only 6 players in total. The situation is a bit unsatisfactory. Two of them have been eliminated, namely Xue Fei and Xia Yizheng. They lost to England’s Kinkhall and the 43-year-old Serbian veteran Karakasevich (1997 World Table Tennis Championships). Eliminate the people of Liu Guoliang).

The other 4 people-Zheng Peifeng, Zhao Zihao, Matt, Zhu Linfeng did not lose, and will enter the second round of the qualifying stage.

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In the women’s singles national table tennis team, 9 people participated in the first match day. Only Li Jiayi lost to South Korea’s Kim Bee. Ning, the other 8 people (Wu Yang, Muzi, Feng Yalan, Liu Xi, Liu Weishan, Fan Siqi, Zhang Qiang, Yang Huijing) all won the second round of competition, and Feng Yalan’s next opponent will be Japan’s strong enemy Hayata Nozomi Na, there is a certain amount of suspense in this battle, and we need to wait for it.

In doubles, the women's doubles Gu Yuting/Muzi defeated a mixed combination of Belgium and Iran 3-1, the mens doubles Zhao Zihao/Zhu Linfeng defeated the Japanese Niwa Takaki/Yoshimura Maharu 3-0, and Xia Yizheng/Zheng Peifeng 3-1 won a pair of Russian combinations without encountering too many difficulties.

Which athletes will get tickets for the race on the second day of the qualifying round? Let's wait and see together: Come on, the Chinese team!

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