Why did table tennis gradually decline in the country of origin, England?

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Speaking of the gradual decline of table tennis in the UK, I have to remember that Cuju in China has declined for thousands of years! As for why Chinese football has fallen to this point, many people may not be clear. You can set up a major to study it carefully. As for why table tennis declined in the birthplace of England, I think there may be some of these reasons.

First, table tennis itself is an unintentional product. We all know that tennis is very popular in the UK, and Wimbledon is also one of the world's four major championships. Tennis is also very popular among British gentlemen and wives. It can be said to be a kind of sports activity of the upper class. Table tennis is a sport based on the invention of tennis. The principle is probably equivalent to the relationship between Othello and Go. It is a low-profile version of tennis. Therefore, the low profile is definitely not better than the original one. Othello can only be regarded as a children's game, and people are still talking about Go. Table tennis is also a truth.

Second, European and American sports are highly commercialized. There is money to be made, and audiences are willing to pay for it. Such projects will develop better. Table tennis has a relatively small audience in the UK, which naturally affects the promotion of table tennis. The lack of commercialization has also led to an insufficient number of employees. Lead to a vicious circle.

Third, the Chinese team is too strong. The "Wolf Raising Plan" that the Chinese team has put forward for many years is to train their opponents, hoping that the table tennis of various countries can become stronger, otherwise, when the world does not play this sport one day, this sport is also at risk. It is not conducive to the promotion of this sport.

In summary, it can be seen that the decline of table tennis in the UK is understandable!


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