The National Table Tennis Women's Team at the Universiade missed the final and suffered another defeat after Moscow's shame

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Netease Sports reported on July 12:

On July 12, Beijing time, the 27th Summer Universiade held in Kazan, Russia, competed for the semi-finals of the women's table tennis team. Unexpectedly, the Chinese team, led by the 21-year-old Ping Super League main player Zheng Shichang, lost 1-3 to Chinese Taipei and missed the final. The Chinese women's table tennis team suffered a disastrous defeat in the women's team competition of the World Series after the women's team finals of the 2010 Moscow World Table Tennis Championships.

Today's women's team semifinals Chinese team players are Jiang Yue, Zheng Shichang, and Xiong Xinyun. In the first set, the Chinese team pioneer Jiang Yue lost 1-3 to Li Yizhen of Chinese Taipei. In the second set that followed, Zheng Shichang fought 3-1 narrowly to win the Chinese Taipei's No. 1 women's singles and currently ranked 33rd in the world, Zheng Yijing. In the third set of the doubles match, the Chinese combination Xiong Xinyun/Jiang Yue lost 1-3 to Chen Siyu/Li Yizhen. In the fourth set, Zheng Shichang lost to Chen Siyu 1-3, and the Chinese women's team lost 1-3 and missed the final.

Zheng Shichang, 21 years old this year, is the main player of the Shanxi Datuhe table tennis super team. Singles champion in the national children's competition. Shanghai teenager Jiang Yue and Guilin teenager Xiong Xinyun have also been selected to the national training team. In addition to Zheng Yijing's professional players in Chinese Taipei, Chen Siyu and Li Yizhen are also women's doubles veteran partners who have played in the international arena for many years. Judging from the lineup sent by the Chinese team this time, no more powerful national team was selected to play.

In the other semifinals of the women's team, the Japanese team defeated the Russian team 3-2. The women's team finals will be held between the Japanese team and the Chinese Taipei team. In today's men's team semifinals, the Chinese men's team defeated Chinese Taipei led by Chen Jian'an, and the Chinese men's team will compete with the Japanese team for the championship.

In the 2010 Moscow World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese women's team unexpectedly lost to the Singapore women's team in the finals, which became the most humiliating defeat for the national table tennis team in the past ten years. Today, in the semi-finals of the Universiade women's team, the Chinese women's team suffered a disastrous defeat in the team competition of the World Series for the first time in three years.


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