What is the standard size of the table tennis table? What are the colors and styles of the table tennis table?

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We know that table tennis is the national game of our country, and there are many table tennis players in our country, so if we want to buy a table tennis table, then the standard size of the general table tennis table is how much? So let's introduce to you about the standard size of table tennis table? What are the colors and styles of the table tennis table?

Standard size of table tennis table

1. Standard table tennis table It consists of two pieces, each with a length of 137cm, a total length of 274cm, and a table width of 152.5cm. The distance between the table and the ground is 76cm. The thickness of the competitive table is usually 18-30mm, and the table should be parallel to the horizontal plane. The four sides of the table are painted with 2cm wide white lines, and there should be a 0.3cm wide midline parallel to the long side of the table in the middle of the table. The net length of the table tennis table is 183cm, and the net height is 15.25cm.

2. The table top of the table tennis table is generally made of wood, but other materials can also be used. But regardless of the material, the elasticity standard is the same, that is, the standard ball falls from a height of 0.3 meters to the table, and the height of the bounce is about 0.23 meters. The playing field for table tennis is rectangular, with a length of not less than 14 meters, a width of not less than 7 meters, and a ceiling height of not less than 4 meters. In a formal competition, there should be no bright light sources around the court, and the ground of the court should not be white, so as not to affect the sight of the athletes.

Table tennis table

What are the colors and styles of the table tennis table

1. The color of the table tennis table

The table tennis table is roughly in two colors. Green and blue. These are the two colors prescribed by the ITTF. The basic principle of table and color matching is that a white ball matches a blue table, and a yellow ball matches a green table. These two are also important criteria for a qualified table tennis table, but they are often overlooked. The degree of rotation of the arc circle ball and the forward momentum are related to the coefficient of friction. For example, when the table is full of gray, the forward momentum of the circle ball can feel the speed decrease. The degree of reflection is also very important to the player's performance, too high reflection is not easy to judge the trajectory of the ball.

2. The style of the table tennis table

There are usually three types of table: non-rolling table, that is, there is no wheel at the bottom of the chassis; rolling, single folding table; Rolling and integral folding table. Folding tables are often popular nowadays. Because it is conducive to movement and storage. The family recommends the use of a folding table, which can reduce the pressure on the space. All outdoor production locations choose fixed tables, which are not easy to be stolen.

What we have introduced to you above is about the standard size of the table tennis table. What are the related questions about the color and style of the table tennis table? We should have some understanding of this problem. We know that there are many people who like table tennis very much. Then, if you want to choose a table tennis table, you should pay attention to some size related issues, so that you can use it. Will be more comfortable.


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