How much does a table tennis table cost? What is the standard size of the table tennis table?

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In modern society, everyone is paying more and more attention to health, so everyone pays more attention to it. Now table tennis is becoming more and more popular, especially in the community, where table tennis tables can be seen everywhere, but how many people know that we often How much does the table tennis table cost and the standard size of the table tennis table?

How much does a table tennis table cost?

1. The better domestic table tennis table brands include Double Happiness, 729, Pisces, etc. These brands have cheap and simple folding table tennis tables, about 1,000 yuan to 1,500 yuan Between 100 yuan, suitable for amateurs to buy, a little more professional is about 1,500 to 3,000 yuan, there are also more high-end, such as the rainbow series of Double Happiness, the price is as high as 5,000 yuan above. The price of the Double Happiness table tennis table is between 1559-3726.00 yuan.

2. There are many excellent foreign table tennis table brands, such as Donnick, Butterfly, Yola, etc., all of which are world-renowned professional brands with excellent reputation in the industry and guaranteed quality. But the price is also more expensive, probably between 8,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan. JOOLA and JOOLA abroad are better, and the price is relatively expensive. Of course, the price and style of the ping pong table are inseparable from the relationship. The green color is generally more expensive, and the common quotations are 5000.

The standard size of the table tennis table?

1. The standard size of the table tennis table is: Table tennis table table size: 2740×1525mm Table tennis table height: 760mm Table tennis table net width 1.83 meters.

2. The tabletop of the table tennis table is also called the playing surface. It is rectangular, 2.74m long, 1.525m wide, and the horizontal height from the ground is 0.76m. The thickness of the competitive table is usually 18~30mm.

3. The table tennis table should have a 2cm wide white line along the four sides of the table. Each court should be equally divided by a 3mm wide white centerline parallel to the sideline. This centerline should It is regarded as the area of ​​each right hemisphere.

4. There are currently three types of table tennis tables: non-rolling tables, that is, there are no wheels at the bottom of the chassis; rolling and single folding tables; rolling and integral folding tables.

5. What are the requirements for the table tennis table for international competitions? The table must be approved by ITTF, and the color can only be blue or green.

6. The following parameters of the table tennis table design are the key points of ITTF testing: 1) Length: 2740mm Width: 1525mm Height: 760mm 2) Elasticity: Release the table tennis from 300mm away from the table and rebound height In 230~260mm 3) Friction coefficient:


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