Does the better the flexibility of the table tennis table means the better the quality of it?

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Table tennis table manufacturers have to open up a doubt for everyone, that is, a quality problem that some users are more concerned about. Many users are whether the better the flexibility of the table tennis table, the better the quality.? Let’s give you a detailed analysis of this knowledge, as follows:

In view of this knowledge, we have learned that some consumers believe that the better the flexibility of the table, the better the quality. The better is actually a misunderstanding of the quality of the table.

First of all, from common sense, there is always a degree in everything. The rebound height of the table should be 220~250mm, the principle of higher or lower than this standard The above should be considered unqualified.

Secondly, with the development of table tennis technology, especially the development of the circle ball, it is required that the effect of table tennis after contacting the table is low elasticity, forward impact and fast speed. . Only a table with such efficiency can be called a first-class table.

Gemini Sports Table Tennis Table span>

The bottom surface of the Gemini sports table is connected by high-quality steel pipes to ensure a flat surface. The two corners are connected by a double oblique block, which has good stability.

Highlight 1: Adopt Guangxi Sanwei medium-density fiber board, surface NC roller coating process, new blue countertop, novel design, and new visual enjoyment.

Highlight 2: The tripod-type structure, the weight of the table box itself completely makes the table tennis table stable, the connection device is scientific, beautiful and atmospheric, the big brother of the king-style table tennis table series .

Highlight 3: The table top of this table tennis table adopts the specially developed "new blue" color to reduce the "visual interference" of the color of the table top material to the athletes.


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