Do you know the basic skills of these three table tennis games?

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Everything requires basic skills. Just like building a house, if you don’t even get the foundation, start building a house. At this time, as the house gets taller, it will easily collapse. The importance of the foundation for building a house is also applicable to table tennis training. So do you know the three basic skills of table tennis?

1. Bump ball practice

If we want to play well, we must first be familiar with the ball. As for table tennis, we always know that it is necessary to practice the bump ball first. It means to get a racket, and then continue to bump the ball, through this to achieve familiarity with the ball. When we really understand the ball nature of table tennis, we will be able to dribble better later.

2. Practice serving

Table tennis is much lighter than ordinary balls, so when serving , We must know how to control our own strength and adjust our mentality. If the strength is too small, it may not be able to pass the net, and if the strength is too large, it may fly directly out of the table, and the strength in it still needs us to find this strength through our usual practice.

Three, know how to catch the ball

The ball is finally sent out, and then there is the process of receiving the ball continuously. At this time, we must also know how to control the strength of the ball, because the table is so big, a little bit of force, it is easy to get out of the table, and we must also control the direction. At this time, one's attention is exercised. The weight of table tennis is light and the ball is fast. If you don't pay attention, you won't be able to receive the ball. Full concentration can better judge the whereabouts of the ball.

As the saying goes: "Haste is not achieved". Although these three basic skills are not very powerful technologies, they are also the cornerstones of success. Frozen three feet is not a day's cold, dripping stone piercing is not a day's work. Perseverance can achieve greater success~


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