Are the cheap table tennis tables on Taobao unreliable?

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Give a price range. The understanding of "cheap" really varies from person to person.

Basically, a table of about 1000r can meet the general needs, and if it is lower, it really won't work.

Based on your own playing experience, I recommend several tables suitable for different needs.

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1. Standard game table (>10000r)

Needless to say, this table has flexibility and feel in accordance with international competition standards. It has a very high appearance and can be inserted. Electricity! ! But if your needs are for entertainment and home use, there is really no need to start, just take a look.

2. General competition or training table (3000r—6000r)

Standard table for general training 5 About 1,000 yuan, more professional, flat surface, good flexibility, accurate landing, in short, it is very comfortable to play, and the xdm with sufficient budget can be used.

3. Home entertainment table (1000r—1500r)

This table can fully meet the daily practice needs of table tennis amateurs, and What's great is that the table can be folded and moved, and basically does not take up space. With a ball machine and net bag, you can practice by yourself, which is very helpful for friends who are new to table tennis or advanced table tennis skills. Answer: This is the one used in the master's home, strongly recommended!

4. Children’s mini table (800r-900r)

This will not be introduced, friends who are interested Understand by yourself, the answer is directly on the link.

5. Table tennis ball (800r—900r)

If you don’t have enough space at home, you can Instead of buying it as a platform, you can consider buying only the table top. If you want to practice, you can put the table top on the dining table. It is also very convenient to store.

Based on the above information, the budget for starting a table is basically maintained at about 1000r. Under the premise of ensuring quality, there will be no lower prices. You can see This will be a price reference.

The saying that you get what you pay for will never be outdated. If you really like table tennis, the price will not be a factor that prevents you from chasing love. Don’t affect your practice because of those hundreds of dollars. Experience, a good training experience will deepen your love for this sport, on the contrary, a bad training experience will obliterate your enthusiasm for this sport.

Finally, I wish all golfers good health and improve their skills!


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