How to choose a table tennis table?

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I have experience on how to choose a table tennis table. I usually like to play table tennis and I have been in contact with many professional players.

First of all, the quality of the table top consumers buy the table just for playing. Therefore, the desktop is a basic item that meets the requirements of consumers. The basic terms comply with the tabletop requirements in the national standard. The countertops have strict requirements in the national standards, which can generally be divided into three categories, one is the countertop raw materials. The level and uniformity of the elasticity of the table directly affect the technical level of the table.

Three table tennis, indoor and outdoor can be satisfied.

The body will inevitably come into contact with the table when the second table is in overall stable motion. There is a slight jitter. If the jitter is too large, it will affect the use. Both the Double Happiness table tennis table and the Pisces table tennis table are doing very well, and Pisces has the world's largest table tennis table production line with excellent product quality.

The third requirement for the safety of the table is a relatively foldable table. The table is in a folded state and should not be opened by itself without external force, and should be reliably self-locking.

The fourth point is color selection: the table tennis table is about two colors. There are two colors of green and blue designated by the ITTF. The basic principle of the color matching of the stadium is white ball with blue table, yellow ball with green table. The early ITTF used the yellow ball and green table model to take care of the TV broadcast. Nowadays, television broadcasting technology has improved.

Here is a brief introduction to the price of table tennis tables and the knowledge of how to buy table tennis tables. What I want to say is that the choice of table tennis table is very important and requires high practice skills. So go to a regular place to buy it. Hope the above introduction can be helpful to everyone.


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