Anti-epidemic for Tokyo Olympic Games! Athletes from various countries are not isolated at all, and table tennis is not allowed to touch the table... _ Competition

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The look of Olympic athletes struggling to win gold

especially table tennis and diving

Such a project with "absolute strength"

is a must-see for the audience to win the championship every Olympic Games

However, I did not expect that because of the special period

There was another moth in the Tokyo Olympics

It is not allowed to touch the table or blow the ball in the table tennis competition

This can pose a big problem for Chinese table tennis...


According to a fat man who doesn’t understand the ball

Preparation for the Olympic Games is extremely difficult

Among them is a very demanding new regulation for epidemic prevention:

Players are not allowed to touch the table with their hands or towels

Players are not allowed to blow the ball

As a result, netizens complained about it in a hot search.

"What kind of confusing behavior is this?"

"It is forbidden to touch the table to avoid infection

Can you do it without blowing air?"

"This rule seems to have that serious illness

Let's just stop breathing. ”

There are even more clever ghosts who are proficient in inferences

Following the Japanese brain circuit, I put forward my own question:

Does one weightlifter one barbell?

Do you swim in one pool per person?

Can I still touch equipment in gymnastics?

Basketball, football, volleyball

A bunch of people What about playing a ball?

Are judo and wrestling competitions still available?

So this rule seems to make sense at first glance

In case a small table tennis ball is infected with the new crown virus

Athletes, you blow me a wipe

Does this increase the chance of infection?

But as long as you take a closer look, you will find it

Full of formalism

The taste of being small and insignificant is too strong

First of all, true To maximize the protection of

the safety of the athletes

is not such a play method at all

When the 2020 ITTF tournaments are restarted in China

We have already given examples of excellent work----

In order to ensure the safety of athletes, coaches and staff

This competition uses " Event Bubble" mode

In short, it’s all Relevant personnel participating in the competition

must pass strict epidemic prevention inspections

Unified training and competition in a relatively isolated environment

During the isolation training, Ma Lin and the Japanese player Mima Ito "played against each other"

More vividly

It’s like putting everything The athletes

are all put into a safe bubble

so even if they are in

In sports games where it is difficult to maintain social distancing

can also protect everyone’s safety

Japan, I really can’t copy homework

Besides, there are many netizens We are worried

This new regulation will affect the performance of athletes

Because table tennis players are not allowed to touch the table And blowing against the ball

comparable to when talking to an Italian

Tie Italian hands

The national table tennis team touches Taiwan for three consecutive days

Why do everyone like to touch the table?

I also checked the relevant information

This may be our "tactical touch platform" (bushi

The weight of a table tennis ball is only 2.7 grams

Any bit of wind and grass, even a drop of sweat

may affect the bounce direction of the ball

and according to regulations

Each time you score 6 points

You can use the towel once

So I touched the table in the middle of the game


Wiping hands and sweat

Similar to wiping rackets, wiping the ball with clothes, etc.

But sometimes

Some players even without hand sweat

Will go to touch the table subconsciously

It may just be the psychological comfort of the athlete

A habitual action p>

Or to interrupt the opponent's rhythm

For example, the "Eighteen Touch" is used by the ground-burning Ma Lin

Wiping sweat, squeezing the racket, touching the table, turning the racket, lifting the pants...

Up to 2 balls at a time Between

18 types and 23 actions are used

to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm and think about tactics

As for blowing on the ball before serving

It is said that it is the same as wiping sweat

It blows off the surface of the ball Dust

I also said that

and Blowing down the plane's head before throwing a paper plane is a principle--

To "enlighten"

By the way, no matter what it is

These little moves are many athletes

The habit that I have developed since I started learning ping-pong

It will be really hard to change in a while span>

last week’s simulation game

Ma Long used to wipe his sweaty table with his hands

I ate 2 yellow cards in a day

Fan Zhendong and Liu Shiwen also bluntly

"Somewhat uncomfortable with the new regulations"

Fortunately, the fat guy who doesn’t understand the ball said again

"The Chinese table tennis team is ready

Just waiting to send troops to Tokyo! ”


Netizens Tucao Japan

On the one hand, I feel that such new regulations

is simply reporting the ID number of the Chinese team

Change the rules without failing

On the other hand, I am worried

Japan’s repeated horizontal jumping and mere formality of epidemic prevention standards

There is no way to guarantee the safety of remote mobilization

Olympic delegations from various countries arriving in Japan

People have been infected one after another

And the epidemic prevention measures for the Tokyo Olympics

did it, but not fully done

such as the Uganda Olympic delegation

1 coach was found to be positive just after arriving at the airport on June 19

Not only the passengers on the same plane were not isolated span>

After the remaining 8 people of the Olympic delegation arrived at the hotel

was neither quarantined nor restricted to activities in the area span>

even happily waving the national flag to greet the media

They were not identified until the 22nd For close contact

On the 25th, there are 2 athletes

Confirmed infection with Delta virus...

The Lithuanian team also

The entry test was negative

The next day he received a simple nucleic acid test but was positive

During this period, the athlete was still training in the pool...


There are also Afghan athletes

Did not go through a special channel to detect

Directly follow the general passengers and get off the plane

such unreliable behavior

so angry that the wife of the Japanese parliamentarian criticizes in anger

"People who come to pick up the airport and athletes who have just entered the country

There is no difference between the toilets and coffee stalls used

There is almost no such epidemic prevention. ”

The Chinese sailing and windsurfing team first arrived in Japan

A series of epidemic prevention loopholes have also been discovered

Because of the sailing competition venue arranged by Japan

Very far from the Olympic Village

The Chinese sailing team can only be near the venue

Olympic Group Check in at the designated hotel

I found out when the result arrived

The body temperature was only measured at check-in

A lot of people and very crowded at breakfast

What’s even more outrageous is

Athletes are mixed with ordinary tourists!

more What's more outrageous is

In order to avoid close contact between foreigners and Japanese people

some hotels

even posted a notice

"For Japanese"

Co-authoring you Japanese are treasures

Are our athletes not treasures?

Athletes from other countries are not afraid of infection?

On the headlines of Yahoo Sports

Even Japanese people are criticizing

The anti-epidemic policy of the Olympic Games is simply a trifle

Yesterday , IOC President Bach

When meeting with Tokyo Olympic Committee President Hashimoto Seiko

Be careful to "tell the truth":

"And our common target is a safe and secure Games for everybody, for the athletes, for all the delegations and most importantly, also for the Chinese people…Japanese people."

"The most important thing is to hold a safe and reliable Olympic Games for the Chinese people...for the Japanese people. ."

Although Bach made a mistake

but I have to say

This is not wrong at all.

Can get more gold medals

Of course, every The dream of an Olympic athlete

It is also a time to win glory for the country

But the current epidemic in Japan is not yet complete Eliminate

Can come back safely

is The most important thing

is every fan who cheers for them

Common voice!



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