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The table tennis table should have a 2cm wide white line along the four sides of the table. Each court should be divided into equal parts by a 3mm wide white centerline parallel to the sideline. This centerline should be regarded as each right half The area of ​​the court.

How to maintain the table tennis table:

1. Keep the table dry, and do not expose it to the sun to avoid deformation of the table;

2. Do not place the table In uneven places;

3. If there is dust on the countertop, you can wring out a wet towel and wipe it with water. Do not pour water on the countertop or wash it directly with water;

4 , If it is a foldable table, please close the table after use;

5. Do not place hot items such as boiling water directly on the table;

6. Do not sit or lie down On the table tennis table, so as not to crush the table feet.

The flexibility of the table tennis table:

The table top of the table tennis table is generally made of wood, and it can also be used Other materials. Regardless of the material, the elasticity standard is the same, that is, the standard ball falls from a height of 0.3 meters to the table, and the height of the bounce is about 0.23 meters. The playing field for table tennis is rectangular, with a length of not less than 14 meters, a width of not less than 7 meters, and a ceiling height of not less than 4 meters. In a formal competition, there should be no bright light sources around the court, and the ground of the court should not be white, so as not to affect the sight of the athletes.

The color of the table tennis table:

There are roughly two colors for the table tennis table. Green and blue. These are the two colors prescribed by the ITTF. The basic principle of table and color matching is that a white ball matches a blue table, and a yellow ball matches a green table.

Product description of table tennis table:

1. The surface of the table tennis table is also called the ball surface. It is rectangular, 2.74m long, 1.525m wide, and the horizontal height from the ground is 0.76m. The thickness of the competitive table is usually 18~30mm;

2. The table tennis table should have 2cm on each of the four sides of the table. A wide white line, each court should be equally divided by a 3mm wide white center line parallel to the sideline, this center line should be regarded as the area of ​​each right half court;

3. Ping pong There are usually three types of tables: non-rolling tables, that is, there are no wheels at the bottom of the chassis; rolling and single folding tables; rolling and integral folding tables;

4. Table tennis international What are the requirements for the table tennis table for competition: The table must be approved by ITTF, and the color can only be blue or green;

5. The following parameters of the table tennis table are the key points of ITTF testing:

1) Length: 2740mm, Width: 1525mm, Height: 760mm;

2) Elasticity: Release the table tennis 300mm away from the table, the rebound height is 230~260mm;

3) The friction coefficient is lt; 0.6.

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