Deng Yaping and her son train at home, so a hole in the socks is too frugal, but the living room is big enough to put a ping-pong table _ Lin Han

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And Deng Yaping doesn't care at all. She wears broken socks and exercises at home, which is very frugal.

In addition, Deng Yaping’s home is quite large. Although the overall decoration style of the room is very low-key, it can be seen that the living room is very spacious. .

Earlier, Deng Yaping inadvertently exposed the size of the mansion during the family exercise. Deng Yaping and his son and their parents were in The living room is used to practice ball, and the area of ​​the living room can easily put a ping pong table, and the mother and son are still running around the table.

As a man in the sports world, Deng Yaping won the women's doubles and singles championships in two consecutive Olympic Games.

After retiring, Deng Yaping has never given up table tennis, and even her son has inherited his sports talent.

On weekdays, Deng Yaping personally takes her son to train, and the requirements are quite strict. Under the training of Deng Yaping, his son Lin Hanming's strength should not be underestimated. Deng Yaping once posted a training video, Lin Hanming can easily catch Deng Yaping's serve.

Nowadays, Deng Yaping is also a young man. When training with her son, she faced her son and the coach alone. The scene was quite intense. .

In reality, Deng Yaping was also very successful in educating her son. Lin Hanming not only played well in table tennis, but also had a very good personality. Low-key.

The host Li Xiaomeng once interviewed Deng Yaping’s mother and son, saying that he thought Lin Hanming would wear gold, silver, and fashion like the children of celebrities, but after contacting him, he discovered that Lin Hanming is just like the children of ordinary people. It makes no difference.

Lin Hanming's low-key advantage is also a perfect inheritance of Deng Yaping. Deng Yaping seems very grounded on weekdays, and there is no special car for travel. Take the high-speed rail like ordinary people.

Deng Yaping is not picky when dining out. Previously, Deng Yaping posted a video of eating out after work, showing Deng Yaping sitting There are no celebrities in the scattered tables, and even gnawing pig's feet in public, regardless of the image.

As a celebrity in the sports world, Deng Yaping has left too many achievements on the stadium, even so in life Deng Yaping There is no celebrity in his performance at all, and he is very grounded. In terms of education, Deng Yaping also teaches her children well, and her family is very happy.

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