Mima Ito complained about being disturbed by Marin during the game! Hou Yingchao: 100% investment has little effect

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The closed training of the Japanese table tennis team was restarted at the Japan National Team Training Center, including the second team Ito Mima, Hirano Miu, and Niwa Takaki who have already qualified for the Olympics. More than 20 players in the team participated in the training, and this training will continue until around the 18th of next month. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, this training is only for singles, and doubles training is temporarily closed. Previously, Japanese table tennis players could only train at home. Among them, Mima Ito has also been interviewed many times. He once complained that the guidance of national table tennis coach Ma Lin caused interference to him.

Mima Ito is currently ranked second in the world, second only to Chen Meng of Guoping. Chen Meng has also become the only main player in the national table tennis that she has not defeated. She has already suffered a four-game losing streak. Both Ito Mima and his coach Matsuzaki Taisuke have set the goal of defeating Chen Meng. However, Mima Ito used to be disturbed by Ma Lin during the game in an interview. She also cited an example. When Chen Meng scored, Ma Lin would disturb her very loudly. When she played well, Ma Lin often called a timeout to disrupt her rhythm, which interfered with her in the game.

Recently, in a table tennis talk show "Talks of Table Tennis Friends", the former national player and the oldest national male Single champion Hou Yingchao talked about his views on this matter. Hou Yingchao said: “If it’s a singles match, it’s really 100% involved, and there won’t be much interference from the outside world. She’s talking about mixed doubles. She definitely didn’t devote herself to it. It’s difficult for both of them to be in doubles. 100% involvement, what she said did have some impact." Mima Ito complained in the interview about the singles match with Chen Meng. Does this mean that she is not 100% involved in the match?

Ma Lin is known for her "love to use her brain" when she plays, and after becoming a coach, she also showed her "resolute and resourceful" , Especially in the mixed doubles arena, instructed Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen to reverse the victory in several games. The coach cheered for his players and called timeouts for the players at critical moments. This is also permitted by the rules, and Mima Ito can only complain. Mima Ito has already qualified for the women's singles, women's team and mixed doubles at the Tokyo Olympics. Not surprisingly, Mima Ito will also face the situation of Ma Lin coaching off the field at the Olympics. I don’t know if she can resist Ma Lin. What?


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