2021 China Diving Star Invitational Concludes All 8 Champions Will Be Determined

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With Cao Yuan and Chen Yuxi winning the men's and women's 10-meter platform championships, the 2021 China Diving Star Invitational and the 14th National Games (hereinafter referred to as the 14th National Games) diving event test competition on the 14th In the evening, the swimming and diving hall of Xi'an Olympic Sports Center closed.

In the three-day competition, the champions of the men’s and women’s double 3m springboard were won by Xie Sicheng/Wang Zongyuan and Shi Tingmao/ Wang Han won; the men's and women's 10-meter platform laurels were won by Chen Aisen/Cao Yuan, Chen Yuxi/Zhang Jiaqi respectively; Cao Yuan and Shi Tingmao won the men's and women's 3-meter springboard champions; the men's and women's 10-meter platform champions Was in the bag by Cao Yuan and Chen Yuxi.

It is understood that the diving test competition of the 14th National Games is the first test competition of the 14th National Games hosted by Shaanxi Province, and it is also the highest level national competition among the 10 test competitions undertaken by Xi'an City. This diving test competition has a total of 8 events, including Shi Tingmao, Chen Aisen, Ren Qian, Cao Yuan 4 Olympic champions and many World Championships and World Cup champions.

Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Diving Association, said that the diving test competition is not only a training for the Chinese diving team before the Tokyo Olympics, but also a comprehensive work on the swimming and diving competition venues and competition organization and operation guarantee for the National Games. test. For national team players, the process of quickly adapting to the stadium, refining technical movements, and finding the feeling of the game is particularly important.

Since the Chinese diving team participated in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, it has contributed 40 Olympic gold medals to the Chinese sports delegation. It has the title of "Dream Team". Gao Min, Fu Mingxia, Wu Minxia, Leading figures such as Sun Shuwei and Xiong Ni. As the host of this test competition, Shaanxi has also emerged in diving events such as Tian Liang, Qin Kai and other Olympic champions. Now, Shaanxi diving "business cards" Si Yajie, Yang Hao and other world champions are also actively preparing for the national team.

It is worth mentioning that Cao Yuan, two Olympic champions in London and Rio, performed well in this event, winning three championships successively.

Zhang Hongling, Deputy Director of the Competition Organization Department of the Fourteenth National Games Organizing Committee, stated that the test match is a "routine action" of a comprehensive sports meeting. To find out the goals of running the game rules, running-in working mechanism and other aspects, the holding of this event also marks Shaanxi's entry into the "test time" of the National Games.


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