Olympic champion Wu Minxia's recent situation, her figure has been praised once in ten years, and she is in a high position at the age of 33 _ Diving

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Wu Minxia’s diving career has also won countless gold medals. According to statistics, Wu Minxia has won 32 medals in nearly 20 years. Among them, there are 20 world-class gold medals with extremely high gold content. Wu Minxia also relies on her own Her outstanding performance became the first female athlete in the history of diving in my country to win 5 Olympic gold medals, and Wu Minxia still participated in the Rio Olympics in 2016. At the age of 31, she is already regarded as an “older” athlete among the athletes, but she Still live up to expectations and his teammates won the gold medal in the bag.

After the Rio Olympics, Wu Minxia announced her retirement. After retiring, Wu Minxia and Zhang Xiaocheng soon entered marriage. In the palace, the two people also live a very happy and sweet life after marriage. Now they also have their own children. Not long ago, they had just held a 100-day banquet for the children. People from all walks of life came to congratulate Sister Ju Ping for coming. Heartfelt blessings were sent to Wu Minxia's baby at the scene.

Previously, Wu Minxia’s figure was praised as "one in ten years". I have to say that Wu Minxia’s figure is indeed almost perfect, even pregnant. In September, I didn't even notice the slightest gaining weight, but now my postpartum body is restored to perfection. The goddess' temperament is not reduced at all. The body is still graceful, ruddy and fair.

Now Wu Minxia is 33 years old, and she still makes this contribution to her passion for sports. Wu Minxia was appointed part-time deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Shanghai Municipal Committee and deputy secretary of the Shanghai Sports Bureau. Although she is in a high position, she is still busy with China's sports industry. She has also received praise from many people. It is worth mentioning that Wu Minxia’s husband Zhang Xiaocheng is also Finally established his own brand company in the year of Lili.

Finally, I sincerely wish Wu Minxia will be younger and more beautiful, and I wish Wu Minxia and her husband Zhang Xiaocheng can be happy and happy forever. I also wish their babies can thrive. If you have any thoughts or comments on this, you might as well leave a clear stream in the comment area.

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