Beautiful 2008 inventory of Chinese sports beauties

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Mao Yuheng, the beauty of Go world

Hometown: Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Rank: Early stage

Age: 22 years old

Chess team: Shandong Qilu Evening News team

Beauty is the focus, and beauty will always be paid attention to, despite changes Named, but the beautiful Go girl Mao Yuheng (formerly known as Mao Jiajun) can't escape everyone's vision. Recently, the famous "Vogue" magazine found Mao Yuheng and took a set of beautiful portraits for her. The photographer's comment is enough to explain everything: "I think she has a better future than Liu Xuan."

Diving Queen Fu Mingxia

Item: Diving

Title: Diving Queen

Birthday: August 16, 1978

Height: 160CM

Fu Mingxia won the 10-meter platform at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games When the champion was only 14 years old, she was the youngest champion in the history of the Olympics. Later, her photo was published on the cover of Time Magazine in the United States, which also set a precedent for Chinese athletes. In the previous year, she also won the sixth world championship platform diving laurel, became the youngest world champion and was included in the "Guinness World Records". At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, she won the table board double championship, becoming the second person to win the diving championship after Gao Min won the 3-meter springboard championship at the Seoul and Barcelona Olympics. This is also a world record.

In 2002, he married Leung Kam Sung, then Hong Kong Finance Minister, and had one son and one daughter. A top star who has created many records such as the youngest Olympic champion, a focal figure who became a public topic because of a "special" marriage and love, suddenly disappeared among the shadows of the trees in Repulse Bay, and the description of Fu Mingxia's identity was gradually simplified to - Mother of two children.

Gymnastics beauty Dai Feifei

Dai Feifei is known as "sports "The first beauty", she recently graduated from Peking University, a famous institution of higher learning in China. Dai Feifei is the champion of rhythmic gymnastics in the World University Games. He and Yi Jianlian (wiki) served as the image ambassador for Shenzhen's bid to host the Universiade.


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