How much money can athletes get after they retire? Look at Guo Jingjing’s pension, it’s beyond your expectation

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Guo Jingjing is very strong in the diving world. As long as she could play that year, she would definitely win the championship. After years of fighting for the Chinese diving team, Guo Jingjing officially announced his retirement in 2011. After retiring, Guo Jingjing can get a national pension, so how much salary can Guo Jingjing get after retiring as an Olympic champion?

Guo Jingjing’s pension

China treats different athletes differently. The pensions of these athletes after retirement are related to the honors they received during their service. For example, Guo Jingjing has so many honors in her career, so her pension is more than other athletes. In Guo Jingjing's 21-year career, she won a total of 31 world championships, including some Olympic champions. For the Olympic champion, there are 5,000 yuan for making outstanding contributions, and then increasing according to the length of his career, so Guo Jingjing's pension should be able to reach about 6,000 yuan.

For this pension, this is very impressive. Many professional athletes can live an ordinary life with this income. However, the pension is not necessary for Guo Jingjing. After all, she is so famous in the diving world, she doesn't know how much she will get for endorsing or attending a business event.

Of course, she spelled these out by herself, which is understandable. In addition to endorsement fees, Guo Jingjing, as the wife of a wealthy family, these endorsement fees are not even a matter. With the endorsement fee, pension and the support of the rich husband, Guo Jingjing after retirement does not need to consider the issue of money.

The athlete’s pension system is still very comprehensive. Each retired athlete can get a considerable income for the athlete's length of service.


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