The World Cup Diving Series ends in London, the Chinese team reaps 5 golds and 4 silvers

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ToTo May 19, in the international Yang Hao and Lian Junjie won one gold and one silver in the men's 10-meter platform competition in the London World Cup Diving Series of the Swimming United World Cup

   Xinhua News Agency, London, May 19 (Zhao Yang) The three-day FINA World Cup Diving Series London Race 19 ended at sunset. Chinese players won the men’s 10-meter platform one gold in the final day One silver, 5 golds, 4 silvers and 1 bronze were harvested in London.

   Men’s 10-meter platform staged a "dragon-tiger fight". British star Daley and his 10-meter platform double partner Matthew Lee, European Championship champion Bondall, Chinese double platform champion Yang Hao, and the world youth champion practice Junjie's competition is fierce. In the atmosphere of the home court, the two British players in the first two rounds maintained the lead, and Yang Hao scored three 10 points in the third jump, leading the way. Daley made a big mistake when he jumped into the water in the third, which caused the bottom of the ranking. In the following three rounds, Yang Hao played steadily and won this precious gold medal with 559.90 points. This is Yang Hao's victory in the men's 10-meter platform after the Kazan station in Russia last week. These two gold medals will increase his chances of playing in the July World Championships.

   Lian Junjie came from behind in the penultimate jump, scoring the highest score of 107.30 points, and finally won the silver medal. The bronze medal was won by Daley, who played well in the sixth jump.

   Yang Hao said after the game: "These six jumps are relatively normal, and there are no special surprises and no major mistakes."

   Speaking of his biggest opponent, Daly, Yang Hao believes that he has not been disturbed by the atmosphere of the home court, and “just be yourself”.

   Lian Junjie said that when he fell behind in the first four jumps, he was not too anxious, thinking of the coach’s "stable mentality", "Actually, I did not perform very well today, there is still a gap between training level, and the fifth jump performed normally. Level, catch up."

  London is the last stop of the 2019 World Cup series. Yang Hao, who has been fighting since April 13th, is very satisfied with his performance. "It has been more than a month to participate in the five-stop series, and the world-wide competition is more meaningful than the domestic competition." Looking forward to the World Championships, he expressed that he is very eager to participate in the single event, and the goal is to win the gold medal.

In the    women's 3-meter springboard competition, Chinese player Chang Yani made a mistake in the semi-final and missed the final. Another Chinese player, Lin Shan, was in average form in the final and finally ranked fifth with 341.45 points. The championship was won by Australian player Kenny with 368.30 points.

   Lin Shan and Chang Yani are considered to be the successors of Rio Olympic Games women’s 3-meter springboard champion Shi Tingmao. Lin Shan was slightly disappointed after the game: “The game this afternoon was better than the morning, and I felt more relaxed, but There is still a lack of stability, and there is a gap between me and Chang Yani compared with experienced players, so I have to go back and sum it up."

   Speaking of her idol in the 3-meter board project, Lin Shan said: "Wu Minxia, ​​she is very stable."

In the    mixed doubles 3-meter springboard competition, Tai Xiaohu/Chen Yiwen of the Chinese team missed the medal by 0.12 points and finally finished fourth. The championship was won by the host player Reid/Daly.

   The next goal of the Chinese team, which focuses on training young players, is the 18th World Championship to be held in Gwangju, South Korea from July 12th to 28th. (End)



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