11 gold and 4 silver! The Chinese team wins all the championships of the 2018 Diving World Cup

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  ↑ On June 10, Shi Tingmao/Chang Yani (left) encouraged each other in the competition. On the same day, in the women's double three-meter springboard final of the 21st FINA Diving World Cup in Wuhan, Chinese players Shi Tingmao/Chang Yani won the championship with a total score of 334.80 points. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiao Yijiu photo

   Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, June 10 (Reporters Li Jinfeng and Zhou Xin) The 2018 Diving World Cup ended in Wuhan on the 10th. With the combination of Chinese players Chen Aisen, Shi Tingmao/Chang Yani winning the men's 10-meter platform and women's doubles 3-meter springboard competitions, the champions of 11 events in this World Cup were all won by Chinese players.

   The competition for the men's 10-meter platform is very fierce, and the championship will not be announced until the last minute. Yang Jian and Chen Aisen ranked the top two in the preliminaries and entered the finals. Rio Olympic champion Chen Aisen jumped 307C for the first time, leading the lead with 95.2 points. Yang Jian, who ranked third in the first jump, then rushed to catch up and overtook Chen Aisen when he made a big mistake in the fourth jump 207B.

  ↑ On June 10th, Chinese player Yang Jian was in the competition. He finally won the runner-up with a total score of 537.40 points. On the same day, the men's 10-meter platform final of the 21st FINA Diving World Cup was held in Wuhan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiao Yijiu photo

   Chen Aisen jumped out of 100.8 points in the last jump, but Yang Jian made a mistake and only scored 79.95 points. In the end, Chen Aisen overtook the championship by 20.4 points. Yang Jian won the runner-up and Ding Simao of the United States was third. After defending the title, Chen Aisen said that the fourth jump has also made mistakes in normal training. For himself, who is still in the trough, this game has been played at a super level.

  ↑ On June 10th, Chen Aisen was in the game. On the same day, in the men's 10-meter platform final of the 21st FINA Diving World Cup in Wuhan, Chinese player Chen Aisen won the championship with a total score of 557.80 points. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiong Qi

   In the last event of the women's doubles 3-meter springboard competition, the Chinese team's 3-meter springboard "first sister" Shi Tingmao partnered with the 16-year-old young player Chang Yani. The pair started to match last year. Although Chang Yani was slightly nervous in front of her hometown fathers and elders, she still won the championship with a lead of 32 points and a total score of 334.8 points, realizing the Chinese team's overall victory in this World Cup. The Canadian combination Abel/Melissa and the Australian combination Annabel/Iser ranked second and third.

   In the 11 events that ended in this World Cup, the gold medals were all taken care of by Chinese players, and the runner-ups in the 4 single events were no exception. This excellent result highlights that the diving "Dream Team" players are gradually coming out of the low period after the Rio Olympics cycle and fully entering the preparation period for the Tokyo Olympics.


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