China's best + double grand slam + highest score Guo Jingjing left countless magical records

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   Sina Sports News   After more than 20 years of companionship with diving platforms and springboards, Guo Jingjing, a generation of "diving queen", is finally going to bid farewell to the arena. In her magnificent sporting career, she has won 31 world three major championships, including 22 Olympic champions. In addition, she has left other athletes awe-inspiring, like an insurmountable mountain. Record.


The three best diving in China

   Guo Jingjing began to participate in Olympic diving competitions in 1996. To the Beijing Olympics, he won 4 golds and 2 silvers. The number of gold medals evened the record of senior sister Fu Mingxia; the number of medals even exceeded the latter’s 4 golds and 1 silver, second only to men’s Gymnastics Li Ning and shooting Wang Yifu each have 6 medals, becoming the Chinese female athletes with the most Olympic medals.


 In terms of experience and age, by the end of the Beijing Olympics, Guo Jingjing has also created three top diving events in China: one is the female athlete who has participated the most in the Olympics, one is the oldest female champion, and the other is age The biggest single event gold medalist.

  Before the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese diver who participated the most in the Olympics was the male athlete Xiong Ni. From the 24th Olympic Games in 1988 to the 27th Olympic Games held in Sydney in 2000, he participated in 4 Olympic Games.

   The 1996 Atlanta Olympics was Guo Jingjing's first appearance in the Olympics. At that time, she was only ranked fifth in the women's 10-meter platform. In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Guo Jingjing and Fu Mingxia participated in the three-meter springboard contest and brought back a single and double silver medal. Four years later, at the Athens Olympics, she won the three-meter singles and doubles championships; the Beijing Olympics successfully defended both.

   In other words, Guo Jingjing has tied Xiong Ni's record of participating in the Olympic Games four times, and has become the first Chinese female diving player to have the longest time span of the Olympic Games.

   diving is one of the two events where China has won gold medals in all the previous Olympic Games that China has participated in, and a large number of Olympic champions have emerged. Before the Beijing Olympics, the oldest Chinese diving champion at the time of winning the Olympic gold medal was also Xiong Ni. He was 26 years old when he participated in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and won two springboard gold medals.

   At the Beijing Olympics, Wang Feng, who teamed up with Qin Kai to win the men's three-meter springboard double event champion, set a new record. At that time, Wang Feng was 29 years old, and he subsequently became China's oldest diving athlete when he won the Olympic Games.

   Before the Athens Olympics, the oldest Chinese female diver was Fu Mingxia when she won the Olympic championship. The last time she won an Olympic gold medal was in Sydney in 2000, when she was 22 years old. At the Athens Olympics, 23-year-old Guo Jingjing rewrote her senior sister’s age to win the championship; at the Beijing Olympics, she raised this “best” to 27 years old.

   On the age when winning the Olympic Games, Wang Feng is older than Guo Jingjing. However, Guo Jingjing is the oldest single player in Chinese diving history when he won the Olympic championship.


 Double "Grand Slam" first person

   Like other events, the World Championships, the World Cup, and the Olympic Games are also known as the three major diving competitions. In the history of diving in the world, only two female athletes have won the three-meter springboard championship in this triathlon and became the winner of the "Grand Slam" of this event. They are China's Gao Min and Guo Jingjing.

   In 1986, 1987, and 1988, Gao Min won gold medals in the three-meter springboard of the World Championships, World Cup, and Olympics respectively, becoming the first "Grand Slam" winner in the women's three-meter springboard. Although Fu Mingxia won the three-meter springboard World Cup and Olympic gold medals, and also won the world championships ten-meter platform gold medal, but has never won the world championships three-meter spring championship, so he also missed the three-meter springboard "Grand Slam".

   Guo Jingjing started participating in the World Cup in 1995 and won the World Cup three-meter springboard gold medal for the first time in 2000; the following year he won the three-meter springboard championship at the 9th World Championship in Fukuoka, Japan; plus the success of the 2004 Athens Olympics After Gao Min, he achieved the feat of the three-meter "Grand Slam".

   It should be pointed out that in 1995, Guo Jingjing paired with Deng Ling to win the 9th World Cup three-meter springboard double event champion; in 2001 World Championships, 2004 World Cup, Athens Olympics, and Wu Minxia won the gold medal three times. As a result, the "Grand Slam" of the three-meter board double event was achieved at the same time. byThe double diving did not enter the Olympic Games until 2000. Therefore, Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia are actually the only pair of women's "Grand Slam" partners in the double diving history in the history of the world.

   is even more amazing. After 2001, Guo Jingjing has participated in the 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009 World Championships four times in a row, winning the three-meter single and double gold medals, that is, he has achieved three meters. The World Championships doubled "five consecutive championships" in both single and double events. This is a miracle in the history of world diving.

   Four times in the five World Championships, Guo Jingjing participated in the double event with Wu Minxia. In the 2005 Montreal World Championships, she won the gold medal with Li Ting, that is, she won the three-meter double event "five consecutive championships". "The only person.

   "400 points club" pioneer

   In 2006, the FINA reformed the diving points method. The semi-final scores will no longer be brought into the finals, that is, the finals will start from scratch. After that, in the women's three-meter springboard competition. 400 points have become a "threshold" that is difficult to cross. In the 2007 Melbourne World Championships, Guo Jingjing won the gold medal in the three-meter springboard with 381.75 points. However, at the Beijing Olympics the following year, she scored 415.35 points when she won the championship.

   In the semifinals of that game, Guo Jingjing reached the 400-point mark with 398.55 points. In the final, Russian veteran Pahalina jumped out of a personal best of 398.60 points. Guo Jingjing, the last to play, scored 85.50 points in his fifth move, 405B. In the end, he successfully defended his title and knocked on the door of the "400-point club".

In the    game, only one of Guo Jingjing's five moves scored less than 80 points. 107B and 405B got the highest two points in the game-88.35 points and 85.50 points respectively.

   In the 11th National Games of 2009, her performance was even more incredible. In the three-meter springboard preliminaries and semi-finals, she scored 403.20 points and 400.05 points, all over 400 points; all five moves in the finals scored no less than 81 points. , Three of the moves received a high return of 85.50 close to full marks; the championship score of 421.20 points, another record of the project score.

   Guo Jingjing's three-meter board has five movements with a degree of difficulty of not less than 3.0, and the sum of the degree of difficulty of the entire set of movements is 15.1, which is second to none in the world today. The movements of many outstanding players in China, and even Europe and the United States are similar to her. Regarding the specifications and rhythm of the movements, and the stability in the competition, no one can match her. This is the secret of Guo Jingjing's ability to jump high scores many times.

   In addition to Guo Jingjing, the women's three-meter springboard athletes who have jumped 400 points in China include Wu Minxia and He Zi. The former jumped out of 400 points twice, once won the 2009 National Championship with 402 points; the second time was last year's National Championship with 408 points. He Zi also surpassed 400 points twice, one was the Shantou National Championship final in July last year with 401.55 points; the other time was the October Chongqing National Championship with 404.55 points and won the runner-up.

   But so far, Guo Jingjing is the only one in the world who has scored more than 400 points in the World Series.


Attachment: A list of Guo Jingjing's single and double event results in the world competitions over the years

   1995 World Cup Women's 10-meter platform double champion, three-meter double champion champion

   1996 Atlanta Olympic Games Women's 10-meter platform fifth place

   1998 World Championships women's three-meter springboard runner-up

   1999 World Cup women's three-meter springboard double champion, single third place

  2000 World Cup three-meter springboard single champion, double runner-up

  2000 Sydney Olympics three-meter single runner-up and double runner-up

  2001 World Championships women's three-meter springboard single champion, double champion

   2002 World Cup women's one-meter champion, three-meter single champion, double runner-up

   2003 World Championships women's three-meter springboard single champion, double champion

   2004 World Cup women's double three-meter springboard champion, single runner-up

  2004 Athens Olympic Games Women's Double Three-meter Springboard Single Champion, Double Champion

  2005 World Championships women's three-meter springboard single champion, double champion

   2006 World Cup women’s one-meter single champion, three-meter single third place, double champion

   2007 World Championships women's three-meter springboard single champion, double champion

  2008 Beijing Olympic three-meter springboard single champion, double champion

  2008 World Cup three-meter springboard single runner-up, double champion

  2009 World Championships women's three-meter springboard single champion, double champion

   (Li Zhi)

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