The 2018 KOD finals ended perfectly! The French team won the national championship!

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On August 17, the 2018 KOD Street Dance World Cup Finals and the 11th KOD International Street Dance Competition ended perfectly at the Mango Pavilion·Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center; the national competition and the champions of various events were born!

In Changsha in August, the heat and sweltering heat made people breathless. When temperature and passion collide, what kind of sparks will it produce? ? ? After four days of fierce competition, the event finally ushered in the "ultimate night"! The high-profile individual finals and national finals are staged together; there are also wonderful performances by the dance "Five Tigers Admiral", Xi'an NOUS, and the emerging singer-songwriter Ma Boqian; at the same time, the post-95 high-quality idol Wang Yibo sat in the live broadcast room and watched the game with netizens.

The hot weather can't stop people's enthusiasm. Just like the previous four days, people were waiting outside the court early , Waiting for the start of the game. At seven o'clock in the evening, with the sound of the "Find Your Pride" music, the "Ultimate Night" officially started!

The first thing that started was the SuperKids World Cup finals. Huang Geyao and Zhou Yuxiang went through the line in Shanghai to select -32 -16-8-4-2, all the way to the finals, the stunning performance on the stage is no less than other competitions; in the end, Huang Geyao kid won the championship! SuperKids is the future of Chinese street dance. Their enthusiasm for street dance is like the spirit of the first generation of street dance lovers in China to dance with nothing.

Next are the finals of House, Breaking, Locking, Hiphop, Popping, Waaking and other individual events. It attracted many cheers; Locking and Waaking's "one more" was a delight to watch. In this event, Bagsy let people see his versatility, Locking and Waaking both rushed to the finals. I have to mention Waacking, which is really exciting. Wacking dancers used their unique charm to become the focus of the audience and let people understand Waaking more comprehensively. Congratulations to the Chinese dancer AC for becoming the champion of KOD11 waacking single event! At the scene, many people wept for joy.

Qi Dance is also a project not to be missed. It not only tests the orderliness and completeness of its team, but also creativity and high Difficult movements, but also test is the handling of meticulous music. Here, congratulations to XEBEC CREW, O-DOG KIDS, LIZ&SASHA for winning the championship and the second season of the World Cup.

The highlight of the ultimate night is the national game. When the national anthems of the two countries slowly sounded on the scene, the audience stood up and paid their attention, and the atmosphere in the venue was also pushed to a climax. The two OG teams were in town, and the game was very exciting from the beginning; after four rounds of competition between Breaking, Popping, Hiphop, and Locking, the French team eventually defeated the Chinese team and became the champion of the 2108KOD Street Dance World Cup!

So far, all the competitions of this World Cup are over, and the 2018KOD Street Dance World Cup ends perfectly.

Mr. Gao Bo, the founder of KOD, said: We don’t stop here, we have more things to do next; persist and don’t forget the original intention, just like you can’t skip eating, I can’t help but Dancing, no one can refuse a thing that can make you happy! Keep On Dancing! ! !

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