Changsha Marathon 2021 timetable (full)

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The Marathon in Changsha in 20201 will start in March and end in December, with a time span of nearly 10 months.

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March 28

Changzhutan Rongcheng Half Marathon

"Red Run" 2021 Changzhutan Rongcheng Half Marathon The Cheng Marathon and the Green Heart Rural Ecotourism Festival were held on March 28.

On May 9th Xiangjiang Marathon

On May 9th, a series of event launching ceremony and "Red Power" will be held The Xiangjiang Marathon has a total scale of 14,000 people.

May 29

Wangcheng Xiangjiang Crossing Race

On May 29th, the "Red Will" Wangcheng Xiangjiang Crossing Race was held. The track is set up to 12 kilometers, connecting the red tourism bases of Wangcheng Jinggang Ancient Town, Xinkang Xixiang, Leifeng Park, etc. It is expected that 4000 people will participate in this activity.

On May 30, Liuyang Red Half Marathon

On May 30, the "Hundred Years of Fenghua·Red Movement" will be held. "Liuyang" Liuyang Red Half Marathon, the expected number of participants is 3000.

On June 6, the 10th Changsha County Cycling Race

On June 6, the "Red Loyalty" Changsha will be held The tenth county bicycle race.

Around the Dragon Boat Festival

2021 Wangcheng Dragon Boat Invitational Race

Around the Dragon Boat Festival The "Red Rapids" 2021 Wangcheng Dragon Boat Invitational Race will be held. The event will recruit 12-16 dragon boat teams from Changsha City.


Chinese Traditional Sports Series Championship

In mid-June, it was the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, and the "Red Celebration" Chinese Traditional Sports Series Championship was held.

From August 7th to 8th, the Xiangjiang River Middle Flowing Water Festival

August 7th to 8th, the "Red The "memory" Xiangjiang River Slashing Water Festival is expected to participate in 3,000 people.

September Ningxiang Village Half Marathon

In September, the "Red Gene" Ningxiang Village Half Marathon will be held marathon.

October 30th-31st "Red Heart Walks Three Cities" Hundred-Kilometer Long Walk

October 30th- On the 31st, the "Red Heart Walks Three Cities" 100-kilometer trail walk was held, covering nearly 100 kilometers, with an estimated number of participants reaching 10,000.

October 23 Changsha Marathon

On October 23, the "Red Perseverance" 2021 Changsha Marathon will be held.

On December 26, the Red Half Marathon

On December 26, the "Red Journey" will be held. Cheng Marathon. This event is the finale of a series of large-scale sports events in the Chang-Zhu-Tan city group. The event has a half marathon (21.0975 kilometers) and a mini marathon (5 kilometers); it is planned to recruit 4,500 contestants.

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