Schedule of Dalian Marathon 2021

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May 9th X-Plogging Dalian Station

The "Environmental + Sports" charity event originated in Sweden and is popular with sports enthusiasts around the world. In May, we will usher in the third event at Dalian Station. This time we will conduct an expedition and environmental protection activity along the seaside route.

May 15th The Wizard of Oz·Forest Cross-Country Race (opening of the new season)

The widely acclaimed Wizard of Oz·Forest Cross Country Race will officially start the 2021 season in May. The theme of this season is named "Lion Heart Warriors". The 4-5 games we prepare for this season will be more participatory and challenging, and there will be points rewards at the end of the season.

May 30 Chasing the waves and taste the oysters Guanglu Island Mountain Marathon

After three years, the Guanglu Island Mountain Marathon returns again. The reefs, beaches, coastal roads, mountains, the classic track around the island, plus the original natural environment, make The Guanglu Island Mountain Marathon has become an unforgettable memory for many runners. Xiao Fang can't wait to see the sea cucumbers and oysters on Guanglu Island.

June 13th Dalian Cherry Valley Mountain Race

This is the most anticipated race in the first half of this year. The race will be held at Dalian Cherry Valley. During the season, the whole process will pass through 8-10 characteristic cherry orchards, and the big cherries will be eaten all the time. This is definitely a "legs serving taste buds" game. After the mountain race, there will be "cherry pitting competition" and "cherry tasting" at the finish line. We will also invite bakers to bring desserts to the contestants.

This game is still registering now, friends who want to participate, hurry up!

For registration, please refer to: Click here to register

July 11 Wisdom Fishery Cup· Dalian Changshan Islands Cycling Race

The five consecutive Changshan Islands Cycling Race will be held on July 11th this year. The Changshan Islands Scallop Festival will be held at the same time. Players break the wind on the islands. While riding, you can also enjoy the deliciousness of the island.

October 31st Ring Huangnichuan·Dalian Cross-country Race Ring Huangnichuan·Dalian Youth Cross-country Race

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