Top 8 match-up table (2020 Champions League quarter-finals schedule time table is released)

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On August 9th, Beijing time, with the end of the last two games of the Champions League 1/8 finals, Barcelona eliminated Naples and Bayern eliminated Chelsea. The two teams joined hands to advance. This season's Champions League quarter-finals (Champions League quarter-finals) matchup chart has also been released.

Match information: UEFA Champions League quarterfinals

UEFA Champions League live broadcast:

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Among the 8 teams, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 each have two seats. Top 8 matchups

strong>, the Premier League and Serie A each have a team, namely Atlanta, RB Leipzig, Manchester City, Bayern, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Lyon and Barcelona.

Champions League quarter-finals matchmaking table:

Atlanta VS Paris Saint-Germain (3 AM on August 13)

Leipzig VS Atletico Madrid (August 14 (3 a.m. on August 16)

Barcelona VS Bayern Munich (3 a.m. on August 15)

Manchester City VS Lyon (3 a.m. on August 16)

Starting from the quarter-finals, the game will be moved to the neutral position in Lisbon, Portugal, and the games will be a single game to decide the winner until the championship is produced. .

According to UEFA’s remaining game arrangements, from the quarter-finals onwards, all teams moved to Lisbon, Portugal, for a single elimination game until the final finals to determine the champion. On the early morning of August 13, 14, 15 and 16 Beijing time, there were 4 quarter-finals competition. The four winners played two semi-finals on the early morning of August 19 and 20, Beijing time. The current UEFA Champions League final will be played at the Stadium of Light in Lisbon in the early morning of August 24th, Beijing time.

Quarter-finals against Manchester City vs. Lyon, Leipzig RB vs. Atletico Madrid, Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich, Atlanta vs. Paris Saint-Germain

In the semifinals, the winner against Manchester City vs. Lyon VS Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich, Leipzig RB vs. Atletico Madrid vs. Atlanta vs. Paris Saint-Germain.


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