The National Women's Water Polo Championship begins in Chengdu, the Universiade venue, Xindu Xiangcheng Sports Center makes its debut!

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On the morning of May 25th, "Meet in Happy Chengdu" 2021 National Women's Water Polo Championship and the 14th National Games Women's Water Polo Qualifying Tournament will be held at Shuangliu Modern Pentathlon Event Center and Xindu Xiangcheng Sports Center Fight at the same time. In the first game of the Xindu Division, the veteran powerhouse and defending champion Hunan team defeated the Tianjin team 11-6 to get a good start. As the venue for the women's water polo event of the 31st World University Games, Xindu Xiangcheng Sports Center also ushered in the first show of the event.

There are seven teams from
Tianjin, Hunan, Guangxi, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Fujian, Sichuan, and 96 teams in this competition. The competition will end on May 30, and May 30 is the final of the competition. The water polo competition of the Chengdu Universiade will also be held in the Shuangliu and Xindu divisions. This competition is also a test of the overall operation of the stadium and the water polo project.

Water polo sports emphasizes strength, bravery and teamwork, and is known for its fast attack and defense rhythm, fierce physical confrontation, and strong viewing ability. As an official event of the Olympic Games, Universiade and National Games, water polo is called "water football", which is a collective ball game that combines swimming, handball and volleyball in the water.

The construction of the Xindu Xiangcheng Sports Park project was completed in January this year,
was the earliest completion New venues for the Universiade. The project officially started construction in April 2018. It consists of three venues: a gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a national fitness center. At the same time, a large-scale municipal park has been built. Since its construction, it has been a key livelihood project of public concern. Xiangcheng Sports Park can not only be used as a venue for hosting national sports events, but also as a venue for e-sports competitions, a venue for national fitness activities, and a venue for education and training. It can meet the needs of citizens in the region for fitness and the development of the new metropolis.

Among them, the main stadium of Xiangcheng Sports Park is composed of a basketball hall and a swimming pool. The stadium will become a training venue for the Universiade basketball events. There are more than 3,500 seats for spectators. It is also equipped with LED ring four-sided large screens and high-definition video recording equipment to dynamically capture the entire game. The swimming pool will have 1,500 spectator seats and long-distance spectators. 50 meters wide, 25 meters wide, 10 standard competition pools and 50 meters long, 12.5 meters wide, 5 training pools. The swimming pools adopt the international leading water circulation system, and the design conforms to the standards of the international women's water polo competition.

Red Star News reporter Li Bo, Photographer Zhang Zhi

Editor Ou Peng


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