1 Reverse the 20-year-old dark horse, advance to the top 8 of the US Open and win 25 consecutive victories in the Grand Slam

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On September 7, 2021, the U.S. Open entered the eighth match day. Men’s singles top seed Djokovic reversed again and defeated Brooksby’s dark horse. Promoting to the quarter-finals and winning a grand slam 25 consecutive victories, he only needs to win three more games to make history, achieve the season grand slam, and get the 21st grand slam championship in his career. New achievements are coming He beckoned.

Serbian star Djokovic is the number one favorite at this US Open. Everyone is optimistic that he will get the man A single championship, a grand slam of the season, creating a new history. This season Djokovic has successively won the men's singles championships at the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. Although he missed a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, he came to the Grand Slam. The overall performance in the arena is still very stable, which is expected by the fans.

In previous games, Djokovic had twice lost tie-breaks, but his adjustment ability was too strong. If it is not possible to continue to expand its lead, Djokovic will master the rhythm of the game, achieve a late start, and form a complete suppression.

Brooksby, a 20-year-old rising star from the United States, competes with a wild card. In the last round, he eliminated the 21st-seeded Russian star Karatsev, who was promoted to the top 16 Grand Slam men's singles for the first time, was given the opportunity to challenge the world's No. 1 Djokovic, but the result was not suspenseful.

The Brooks ratio was very strong in the first set, and he broke twice as soon as he came up. The overall lead scored 6-1 and took the lead. Djokovic actively adjusted in the second set. , Launched a counterattack and won three games in a row, Brooksby completed the break and chased two games in a row, but Djokovic still withstood the pressure and steadily tied the score with 6-3. Everyone did not expect that the teenager faced the top seed. Can play so well.

In the third set, Djokovic gradually took control of the rhythm of the game, taking advantage of the momentum to pursue the game more smoothly, booming Leading 6-2, Djokovic took the lead in the fourth set and kept his serve. After both sides won two games, Djokovic won two games in a row, which was another 6-2 win. In this way, Djokovic pulled three sets in a row to reverse Brooksby 3-1 to advance to the quarterfinals of the US Open.

From the perspective of the entire game, although the young player Brooks has a strong impact, he lacks stamina. Djokovic’s overall strength still has a clear advantage, especially He came to a big game like the US Open. In the face of any difficult situation, he can adjust on the spot and come up with reasonable coping strategies for different players. Now he is only three games away from winning the season's Grand Slam.

Next, Djokovic will fight Berrettini again for the semi-finals. The two sides will meet again after Wimbledon, so stay tuned.

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