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On June 10th, Beijing time, UEFA officially announced that the investigation and proceedings against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus will be suspended until further notice. As Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have not yet withdrawn from the UEFA Super League, it was previously reported that UEFA hopes to impose a European ban on the three clubs. The three clubs of Royal Savin believed that the current practices of UEFA and FIFA violated the principle of fair competition and reported them to the Madrid court. At the same time, there were reports that the Swiss court also stated that UEFA and FIFA could not punish the three clubs.

On June 9, Beijing time, the South American region of the World Cup qualifiers began a contest in Asuncion. Brazil defeated Paraguay 2-0 in the away game, leading the way with 6 consecutive victories. Neymar came out on top, stoppage time assisted Paqueta to seal the victory.


On June 9th, Beijing time, in the NBA Western Conference semifinals opener against the Jazz at home to the Clippers, Conley, one of the core of the Jazz's backcourt, was absent due to a hamstring injury. The Jazz missed 20 consecutive shots in the first quarter and trailed the Clippers by 14 points at most moments. Mitchell scored 16 points in the third quarter and led the team to tie the score in the first three quarters. In the final quarter, Mitchell continued to lead the team to suppress the Clippers. The Clippers missed key shots in a row at the last moment. Gobert dedicated the winning shots. In the end, the Jazz defeated the Clippers 112-109 and took a 1-0 lead.

On June 9th, Beijing time, Philadelphia beat the Eagles 118-102 at home to tie the total score 1-1. Embiid scored 40 points and 13 rebounds, becoming the number one contributor to the team's victory. 40 points also set a new high in Embiid's personal scoring career in the playoffs. Philadelphia had a big lead in the first quarter, and the Eagles once surpassed the score in the third quarter. Philadelphia substitute Milton suddenly broke out, hitting three consecutive points to help Philadelphia stabilize the position, and the Eagles suffered a final collapse. Trey Young scored 21 points and 11 assists and missed the lead.


June 9, Beijing time, the third week of the World Women’s Volleyball League ends .

Thailand 0-3 Dominica, 16-25/17-25/23-25. The Thai women's volleyball team lost nine straight. Primejit 12 points; Pena 18 points, B-Martinez 12 points, Rivera 11 points.

Turkey beat Russia 3-2, 25-22/22-25/25-18/18-25/15-7. Karakurt 25 points, Ida 17 points, Tugba 16 points, Gunes 10 points; Goncharova 14 points, Fedorovtseva 13 points, Fetisova and Semenova each 12 points, Volonkova 10 points, Kosheleva truce.

Canada 0-3 Netherlands, 19-25/12-25/21-25. Horvey 9 points, Mitrovic 8 points; Buygies 15 points, Lohuis 12 points, Timmerman 10 points.

Japan 3-2 Poland, 22-25/22-25/25-22/25-23/16-14. Koga Sarina 26 points, Ishikawa Shinsuke and Black Queen Ai each 21 points; Styschak 35 points, Greka 19 points, Rozansky 12 points, Smazek truce.

Germany 3-0 South Korea, 25-12/25-21/25-22. Otseman 19 points, Aalsmeer 15 points, Drunick 14 points; Park Zhenya 13 points, Jin Ruanjing 10 points.

Belgium 3-2 Serbia, 23-25/26-24/25-21/23-25/15-10. Holpotz 28 points, Van Awemat 19 points; Caric 19 points, Lozo 16 points, Lazovic 16 points.

Italy 1-3 United States, 18-25/21-25/25-20/16-25. Guera had 12 points, Rubian had 12 points, and Deodorico had 11 points. Drews 20 points, Buggy 19 points, Akin Ladvor 11 points, Robertson 11 points.


Beijing time on June 9th, "One Belt One Road" Shaanxi China Channel The Association Cup National Snooker Team Championship entered the final match day. In the final final, the Shanghai team represented by Tian Pengfei, Lu Ning and Zhao Jianbo defeated the Sichuan team composed of Zhou Yuelong, Zhang Jiankang and Cai Wei 4-2. Won the championship trophy inheritance cup.

On June 9, Beijing time, the 2021 WTA250 Nottingham Open women’s singles continues Second round of competition. The No. 4 seed and Chinese player Zhang Shuai defeated Rodionova 6-4/6-3 and reaped the second singles victory in the tournament this year. Zhang Shuai will face Kazakhstan player Dias in the next round.

In the early morning of June 10th, Beijing time, the 2021 French Open ended the final men's singles quarter-final competition. At the Philippe Chatier Stadium, the match’s top seed, the world’s No. 1 Djokovic, fought hard for 3 hours and 28 minutes, winning 6-3/6-2/6-7 (5-7)/7-5 The No. 9 seed of the tournament, Italy's Berrettini, reached the top 4 of the French Open Men's Singles for the 11th time in his career and advanced to the semi-finals for the third consecutive year. Next, he will compete with defending champion and No. 3 seed Nadal for the final spot.

In the early morning of June 10, Beijing time, the 2021 French Open ended its third game The men's singles quarter-finals competition. At the Philippe-Chartier Stadium, the defending champion and No. 3 seed Nadal, in 2 hours and 45 minutes, beat the No. 10 seed and Argentinian Shiva 6-3/4-6/6-4/6-0. Ziman has been promoted to the top 4 French Open men's singles for the fifth consecutive year, and is also the 14th career semifinal of the French Open men's singles. The second set was the first set that Nadal lost on the French Open. In the next game, Nadal will face the top seed and the world's No. 1 Djokovic.

In the early morning of June 9, Beijing time, the 2021 French Open ended its second game Men's singles quarter-finals contest. At Philippe Chatier Stadium, the No. 5 seed of the match, Greek player Sisipas, took 2 hours and 19 minutes, 3 straight sets, and swept the match 6-3/7-6 (7-3)/7-5. The number one seed, Russian player Medvedev, has reached the top 4 of the French Open Men's Singles for the second consecutive year. In the semifinals, he will compete with the No. 6 seed of the tournament and German player Zverev for a place in the final.

On June 9, Beijing time, the 2021 French Open women's singles quarter-finals all ended. Greece’s sister Sakari won two sets 6-4/6-4 in a row. In the knockout round, the defending champion and No. 9 seed Swatek, who had a discomfort in her right thigh, advanced to the semifinals of the Grand Slam women’s singles for the first time in her career. In the next round, Sakari will compete with Czech player Kregickova for a ticket to the final.

On June 9, Beijing time, the 2021 French Open Women’s Singles will continue 1/ 4 finals competition. Czech player Kregickova, after overcoming the unfavorable situation of being broken (0-3/3-5) twice in the first set, has saved 5 inventory points and won the seventh tiebreaker, and then missed a serve to win the game in the second set. Live on the sixth match point, and finally defeated No. 24 seed Goff 7-6 (6)/6-3. With 10 consecutive victories in the clay court, he continued to create his best record in the history of Grand Slam singles. At the same time, he played in Rolanda. Lose both advanced to the semi-finals.


The results of the eighth round of the Wei Jia: Jo Jiaxi defeated Park Tinghuan and Ding Hao wins Gu Zihao

On June 9th, Beijing time, the eighth round of the 2021 Huawei Mobile Cup Go League A will continue in Changxing, Zhejiang; the result is the focus of the battle against Longyuanmingcheng Hangzhou team Ding Hao defeated Gu Zihao, ending the opponent's seven consecutive victories; Chongqing team leader Yang Dingxin He defeated the Jiangsu team Mi Yuting, but the team lost 3-1 to the Jiangsu team; Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank Park Tinghuan, the main general, defeated Jiaxi Jiaxi.

Longyuan Mingcheng Hangzhou 2-2 main general wins Jiangxi Jindalai environmental protection

One: Li Dongxun defeats Yang Kaiwen

Two: Ding Hao wins Gu Zihao (main)

Three: Jin Yu defeats Xu Jiayang (fast)


Four sets: Xia Chenkun loses to Peng Liyao

Shenzhen Longhua team 4-0 Luoyang Yuquangu team

One set: Shi Yue wins Zhou Hexi ( Quick)

Taiwan two: Shen Minqi wins over Hu Yuhan (main)

Taiwan three: Tao Xinran wins over Xu Yidi

Taiwan four: Shi Yu To win against Wang Chunhui

Jiajia Food Tianjin Team 2-2 main general wins Beijing Chess Academy Team

One: Li Chengsen loses Chen Yaoye

Second station: Xie Erhao wins Huang Xin (main)

Third station: Wang Zejin defeats Han Yizhou (fast)

Fourth station: Tang Weixing wins Guo Xinyi

Shanghai Jianqiao Academy Team 2-2 main player wins Shanhai Rizhao Elephant Team

One: Huang Mingyu loses Fan Tingyu

Two: Li Weiqing wins Jiang Weijie (main player)


Three stations: Wang Xinghao loses Zhou Ruiyang (fast chess)

Four stations: Xu Haohong beats Yi Lingtao

Minsheng Credit Card Beijing Team 3-1 Zhejiang Sports Lottery Team

One: Bian Xiangyi wins Tan Xiao

Two: Ke Jiesheng Tong Mengcheng (master)

Three: Chen Haoxin defeats Zhang Tao


Four sets: Liu Yuhang defeats Jiang Qirun (Quick Chess)

Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank Team 3-1 Quzhou Lanke Team

One set : Tu Xiaoyu defeats Ding Shixiong (fast)

Second station: Park Tinghuan wins Jiaxi (main)

Third station: Dang Yi flies to victory over Chen Yunong

Fourth station: Liao Yuanhe beats Jin Zhixi

Supor Hangzhou 3-1 Tibet Fukang Team

One set: Li Qincheng beats Chen Hao (fast)

Two stations: Xie Kesheng and Chen Zijian (main)

Three stations: Xiao Zebin loses to Jiang Dongrun

Four stations: consecutive laughs to win against Chen Yichun

Jiangsu team 3-1 Chongqing Team

One: Zhao Chenyu beats Li Xuanhao (fast)

Second stage: Mi Yuting defeats Yang Dingxin (main)

Third stage: Huang Yunsong beats He Yuhan

Fourth stage: Chen Xiansheng Li Xiangyu

Other sports

The World Athletics Federation approves another 35 Russian athletes to participate in neutral identities

Beijing time 6 On the 9th, according to the Russian Satellite News Agency, the Press Service of the International Athletics Federation announced that it would approve another 35 Russian athletes' applications to participate in international competitions as neutrals. At present, 62 Russian track and field athletes are entitled to participate in international competitions, including the silver medalist Mikhail Akimenko in the 2019 World Championships High Jump, the pole vault world champion Anzhelika Sidorova and World Championships high jump bronze medalist Ilya Ivanyuk.

Tournament preview

06-10 (Thursday)

09: 30 NBA Western Conference Semifinals Nuggets-Suns

15:30 Guizhou-Beijing Institute of Technology in the 10th round of the Chinese League

18:00 World Men's Volleyball League Russia-Canada

19:35 1st in the Chinese First0 rounds of Suzhou Soochow-Wuhan Three Towns

19:35 The 10th round of the Chinese Football Association Northwest Gate-Kunshan FC

21:30 French Women's Singles Semifinals

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