3! Conte becomes the winner, Inter Milan is the fastest to win the next round, Juventus 10 consecutive championship dreams are about to shatter

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In the early morning of April 27th, Beijing time, in the 33rd round of Serie A, Milan lost 0-3 away to Lazio and missed the second place in the standings. At the same time, the ranking slipped to the fifth place and dropped out. Champions League area. In this defeat for Milan, Inter Milan, who is at the top of the list, is undoubtedly the biggest winner. The fastest time, they can win the next round.

Since Inter Milan was out of the Champions League, Serie A is invincible, and there is almost no time to lose points. On the other hand, whether it is Milan, who performed well at the beginning of the season, or Serie A's defending champion Juventus, their state has coincided with a more serious decline. Although the two giants still have hopes of competing for the title in theory, it is clearly unrealistic.

In the current standings, Inter Milan scored 79 points, while Milan and Juventus scored 66 points. There are 5 rounds left in Serie A. Although the 13-point gap is theoretically possible to overtake, this is an unrealistic assumption. At present, the biggest threat to the Inter Milan championship is the second-ranked Atlanta, but there is also a gap of 11 points.

In the next round of competition, as long as Inter Milan wins and Atlanta loses, then the Nerazzurri will lock the 19th league championship trophy. In the 34th round of Serie A, Inter Milan's opponent was at the bottom of Crotone, and it was very difficult to win. It is very likely that Atlanta will not win against Sassuolo, the dark horse of the season.

Of course, Atlanta itself did not expect to compete for the championship. Their more practical goal is to keep their second place. After all The team's lead is only 2 points. If Inter Milan win the next round, the club that will be hit hardest is the defending champion Juventus.

Juventus was criticized last season, but at any rate they won the Serie A championship and completed their 9 consecutive Serie A titles. Looking at the five major leagues, no club has completed 10 consecutive seasons to win the great results of the top league championship, and the Bianconeri’s close opportunity has been missed. 10 consecutive championship goals, I believe that the damage is no less than the lack of Champions League qualifications.

Of course, in addition to the broken 10 consecutive championship dreams, Juventus is really likely to miss the Champions League qualification at the same time this season. At present, due to their results in the match, they are barely keeping their 4th place. But in the next game, they need to face strong opponents like Inter Milan and Milan at the same time, and they were opened by a 6-point gap in a slight accident.

Conte led Inter Milan to the Serie A championship, which is undoubtedly a response to Juventus fans. In the previous time, many Bianconeri fans initiated a joint name, demanding that Conte's team honor be removed. Conte was criticized after he was out of the Champions League, but no matter what, the Serie A championship this season is already in his pocket.


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