Finally held the cup! Inter Milan takes 5 years of Nirvana to rebirth, and the road to revival has just begun

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After the 5-1 victory over Udinese, Inter Milan perfectly ended the last game of the season and ushered in their most anticipated link: winning the Serie A championship The trophy moment. If five years ago, you told an Inter Milan fan that the Nerazzurri could regain the throne of King of the Apennines in 2021, then he might disdain it or even bother to refute it. Because that year, Inter Milan has been struggling for a long time at the bottom of the valley, but there is no sign of revival for a long time.

However, everything has changed since 2016. In the 16-17 season, Inter Milan began to fill various loopholes in the previous team. In the summer of 2016, Inter Milan began to reinforce the team’s original midfielder, introducing three players from Joao Mario, Brozovic and Gallardo, and also brought Candreva from the wing. Such a capable player. Although in the end this season Inter Milan only ranked 7th and missed the European war, but this laid the foundation for subsequent progress.

17-18 season, Spalletti took office, the Nerazzurri introduced Skriniar, Bastoni and Vecino all supported them. On May 21, 2018, in the final round of Serie A, Inter Milan and Lazio ushered in a life-and-death battle to determine the Champions League quota. At the end of the game, it was Vecino’s lore that helped the Nerazzurri return after six years. On the stage of the Champions League, Inter Milan has begun the first step of its revival.

In the 18-19 season, Inter Milan defeated their city rivals AC Milan by one point to reach the Champions League, but they did not Not satisfied with this. In the 19-20 season, Inter Milan invited Conte to coach, and spent huge sums of money to sign Lukaku, Barrera, Eriksson and other strong support, began the impact on the Serie A championship. In this season, Inter Milan scored 82 points, ranking runner-up with a 1 point disadvantage.

After 4 seasons of laying a solid foundation, Inter Milan finally ushered in the harvest season in the 20-21 season. After the final match between Atalanta and Sassuolo drew, Inter Milan was crowned as the Serie A champion four rounds ahead of schedule and won the 11-year championship trophy on May 23.

Looking back on these five seasons, Inter Milan has completed a steady improvement. First, the shortcomings in the midfield were filled, then Skriniar and De Vrij were used to stabilize the team's defense, and finally the top striker Lukaku was introduced to fill the last piece of the puzzle in the championship. It can be said that Inter Milan has set an example for all teams in the construction of the team lineup.

In the summer of 2016, Inter Milan scored 67 points and declared that they missed the Champions League early; today, five years later, Inter Milan dominates the group with 91 points and is crowned Is king. In these more than 1,800 days, Inter Milan has ushered in a rapid improvement at the competitive level: this season they have won the most games and the least losses in Serie A, averaging 2.28 points per game, even higher than the Triple Crown season; 5 years ago, Inter Milan Lost 49 goals in a single season, only ranked sixth in Serie A, and in the past two seasons, Inter Milan have conceded the least goals in Serie A; in running distance, Inter Milan ranks first in Serie A. Not only that, the match against Udinese was the 3,000th Serie A game in Inter Milan's history. They are the only team that has never been relegated since 1929 and completed all Serie A games.

After winning this trophy, Inter Milan won the 19th championship in team history, surpassing its rivals in the same city AC Milan has become the team with the second most championships in Serie A history. The win this time allowed Inter Milan fans to experience the joy of becoming a Serie A champion again after 11 years, bringing confidence to fans, players and clubs.

However, this trophy is not only a champion for Inter Milan, it also proves that Inter Milan is on the right path and that they have found a bright way to start a new era.

So, this trophy is not an end, but the starting point for Inter Milan to start a new era. The legendary Italian coach Capello said: "Inter Milan can start a new victory cycle under the leadership of Conte." In the future, Inter Milan still has many challenges to face, defending the league championship, making breakthroughs in the European war, and hitting the triple crown again. Wang...The road ahead is long, but the Nerazzurri is no longer confused.

If today, you say to an Inter Milan fan again, in the future, we will re-enter the top of Europe , Let the glory of the Triple Crown shine again, he will no longer be as disdainful as five years ago, but will imagine a better tomorrow than today. Because Inter Milan's road to revival has just begun.

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