Nine consecutive championships are stable! Juventus wins the cup three days in the fastest

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Original title: Nine consecutive championships are secured! Juventus won the cup three days later and the three opponents collectively pull the hips.

After Juventus defeated Lazio 2-1, the Serie A champion belongs In fact, there is no suspense anymore. With 4 rounds left, Juventus leads Inter Milan, Atlanta and Lazio by 8 points, 9 points and 11 points respectively. As long as there are no major accidents, Juventus will complete their nine consecutive Serie A titles.

In the fastest case, Juventus can even win three rounds in advance three days later. On July 24, Beijing time, Juventus will play away against the relegation team Udinese. As long as Juventus wins, Atlanta and Lazio will directly lose their theoretical hopes for the title. As long as Juventus wins the next round, the points will reach 83 points. Lazio trailed by at least 11 points and missed the title with 3 rounds left. Atalanta will still be 9 points behind Juventus if they win the next round, and the true blue and black will lose hope of winning the championship due to their disadvantages in the confrontation.

Inter's performance will directly determine whether Juventus can win the championship three rounds ahead of schedule after the end of the next round. Inter Milan will host the mid-range team Fiorentina in the next round. As long as Inter Milan wins, Juventus will not be able to win the championship ahead of time with 8 points left in 3 rounds. But if Inter can't win, Juventus will win the cup three rounds ahead of time as long as they beat Udinese.

In all fairness, Juventus did not perform well this season, and Sarri's passing control system obviously made the players at a loss. Before the small victory over Lazio, Juventus once lost 9 goals in 3 rounds and only scored 2 points. Fortunately, competitors pull their hips collectively, which makes Juventus ultimately stand out. Inter Milan has only won 2 games in the last 5 rounds. Although Atlanta has been in good shape recently, it has lost too many points in the first half of the season. Lazio, who was only 1 point behind Juventus before the rematch, had 1 draw and 4 losses in the last 5 rounds. Simeone's team collapsed directly.

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