Old Zheng Gao pays: Yesterday, he hit 3.65 times! Today's European basketball continues to be free, focusing on Real Madrid

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News from Weicai Watch on November 20th, The Champions League basketball league continues to be in full swing. In this issue, Zheng Gao’s compensation column will provide recommendations for the high-loss winning points of three of the games, as follows To analyze the content:

Summary of the winning points difference in the basketball tournament on Friday (the home team is behind)

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Yesterday privately pushed the CSKA guest victory 6-10 get 3.65 times higher payout

Winning points difference recommendation: Friday 302 Sarkilis VS Milan

Sarkilis opened high and low in the European Basketball Association, and currently has a record of 5 wins and 4 losses. The average score is maintained at 78-79 points, and the net win point is -0.67 points, which is enough to show that the overall situation is relatively stalemate. However, the current situation of the team has lost three straight, that is, the combat power has declined significantly, and the last two games have a net loss of 18.5 points.

Milan does not have a strong sense of presence in the European Basketball League with 3 wins and 3 losses. The overall style of play is relatively stable, with an average of 80 points per game. The defensive performance is relatively tough, and Milan’s home battle is relatively strong. Its foothold in the European Basketball League is also played at home.

In this match, Milan's main handicap was 6.5 points, which gave the home team a certain support index. At the same time, Milan maintained a complete victory against Sarkilis in the last two home scenes, with a net victory in both Around 7 points, but both sides are in a losing streak recently. And this game can be optimistic about Milan, which has home court advantage. The difference in winning points is recommended to win 1-5 (SP: 4.00 times), and defend one hand to win 6 10 (SP: 3.40 times).

Winning points difference recommendation: Friday 305 Te Maccabi VS Valencia

Maccabi Tel Aviv has a record of only 3 wins and 6 losses, with an average of 78 points per game. The defensive performance is fair, and the average point difference is -1, also shows that the team has a key ability to bite points, high resilience, after they lost to Real Madrid in the last round, the momentum of four consecutive victories in all competitions was ended.

Valencia’s performance is relatively stable. It has achieved 4 victories in the past 6 rounds. The current team record is 5 wins and 3 losses. They can also score more than 2 points. In the last round, they beat Panathinaikos with a 12-point advantage at home, ending 5 games and 4 defeats in all competitions.

The two teams played against each other nearly 4 times. Temacabi maintained the lead with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss. This game was separated by 3.5, although the index of support for Valencia was more cautious. , But Valencia still maintains a considerable win rate under the lead! The point difference of this game is recommended to win 1-5 (SP: 3.70 times), and defend one hand to win 6-10 (SP: 3.75 times).

Winning points difference recommendation: Friday 304 Fenerbahçe VS Real Madrid

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