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CCTV5 live broadcast Liaoning Basketball vs Xinjiang Men's Basketball + Champions League Real Madrid PK Munxing, CCTV5 + transfer to CBA Shandong Derby Beijing time on December 9th (Wednesday), China Central Radio and Television has released the sports channel (CCTV5) and CCTV sports customers through the official micro Terminal (CCTV5APP) and sports event channel (CCTV5+) today’s latest program list. Even though it is not a weekend, the live broadcast of CCTV sports events today is fascinating. Football, basketball, boxing, Go and other competitions and special programs have been staged one after another. CCTV5 and CCTV5APP live the UEFA Champions League, CBA Nanjing Tongxi vs. Suzhou Men’s Basketball, Beijing Beikong vs. Jilin Men’s Basketball, Liaoning Basketball and the Champions League in Xinjiang, and CCTV5+ and CCTV5APP live CBA The National Men’s Boxing Championship, the Chinese Go League and the CBA Shandong Men’s Basketball Team played against the Qingdao Men’s Basketball Team. CCTV5 live broadcast the Champions League Ajax matchup between Atlanta and Real Madrid. At 12 noon on December 9th, CCTV sports channel CCTV5 broadcast sports news. At 12:25 noon, CCTV5 will broadcast the 16th round of the 2020-2021 China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) regular season against Nanjing Tongxi against the Suzhou Men’s Basketball Team. At 15:25 in the afternoon, CCTV5 broadcasted the 16th round of the CBA regular season, coached by Marbury, Beijing Beikong against the Jilin men's basketball team played by the Chinese class. At 18:00, CCTV5 will broadcast live sports news. At 19:30 in the evening, CCTV5 broadcast a strong match in the 16th round of the CBA. The leader of the national players such as Han Dejun and Guo Ailun played against the Xinjiang men's basketball team led by Zhou Qi. At 21:50 in the evening, CCTV5 will broadcast live sports world. At 22:40 in the evening, CCTV5 will introduce the Champions League-based special program Champion Europe. At 1:40 am on December 10th, CCTV5 will broadcast the sixth round (the last round) of Group D of the 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League group stage. Atlanta has 1 point more than Ajax, and the two teams will compete for the last spot in this group. At 3:55 in the morning, CCTV5 broadcasted the 6th round of the Champions League B Group 6 La Liga Galactica Real Madrid played at home against the old Bundesliga team Monchengladbach. The four teams in this group have hopes of qualifying for the Champions League knockout rounds. The CCTV sports client CCTV5APP began live streaming the Champions League Lazio against Bruges, Manchester United against Leipzig, Rennes against Sevilla and Dynamo Kyiv against Ferenc Varos from 1:40. CCTV 5+, a sports event channel, most of today’s programs are videos and highlights. CCTV5+ will record and broadcast the European Golf Tournament, CBA, AFC Champions League, French Ligue 1, Champions League, European Men's Basketball Championship Qualifying Tournament, Chinese Super League and other competitions and programs. At 13:30 in the afternoon, CCTV5+ will broadcast the second round of the 2020 National Men’s Boxing Championship-57kg, 69kg, 91kg and above. At 15:30 in the afternoon, CCTV5+ will broadcast the Chinese Go League A-Round 12. At 19:55 in the evening, CCTV5+ broadcasted the 16th round of the CBA regular season derby in Shandong. The Shandong men's basketball team coached by Gong Xiaobin played against the Qingdao men's basketball team coached by Liao basketball star Wu Qinglong. ","force _ purephv":"0","gnid":"9d43f16e11167b306","img _ data":[ {"flag":2,"img":[ {"desc":"","height" :"346","title":"","url":"","width":"790"},{"desc":"","height":"575","title":"" ,"url":"","width":"1080"},{"desc":"","height":"526","title":"","url":"","width":"1080"},{"desc":"","height":"659","title":"","url":" ","width":"747"},{"desc":"","height":"661","title":"","url":"","width":"749"}, {"desc":"","height":"660","title":"","url":"","width":"748"} ]} ],"novel _ author":"" ,"novel _ name":"","original":"0","pat":"dyc,mass _ leader,art _ src _ 0,fts3,sts3","powerby":"hbase","pub _ time":1607566944000,"pure":"","rawurl":"","redirect":0,"rptid":"369426836e658a52","src":"Lan Sheng Xuezhen","tag":[ {" clk":"ksport _ 1:cba","k":"cba","u":""},{"clk":"ksport _ 1:Ajax","k":"Aja ","U":""},{"clk":"ksport _ 1:Xinjiang Men's Basketball","k":"Xinjiang Men's Basketball","u":""},{"clk": "ksport _ 1: UEFA Champions League","k":"UEFA Champions League","u":""},{"clk":"ksport _ 1:Qingdao Men's Basketball","k":"Qingdao Men's Basketball"," u":""},{"clk":"ksport _ 1:Real Madrid","k":"Real Madrid","u":""} ],"title":"CCTV5 live broadcast of Liaoning Basketball vs Xinjiang Men’s Basketball + Champions League Real Madrid PK Munxing, CCTV5 + transfer to CBA Shandong Derby! Does CCTV broadcast the match between Real Madrid and Sevilla tonight???: At 05:00 on March 7th, Real Madrid vs. Sevilla Hong Kong now Broadband 634, Super Sports 3cctv-5 is not live broadcast

Why does cctv only broadcast this year? The match between Real Madrid and Sevilla?: It may be a problem with the right to broadcast music. I don’t want to broadcast that one. You have to pay for it.

Tonight’s match between Real Madrid and Sevilla Is CCTV5 live broadcast?: CCTV-5, 3 AM

Does cctv5 broadcast Real Madrid vs. Sevilla?: There is no live broadcast or broadcast in China, you can only see the results of the game in sports news

CCTV5 live broadcast of Real Madrid VS Sevilla tomorrow morning, fans who know say that I am a Real Madrid fan -: CCTV5 will not broadcast this live, you Baidu search all news live 05:00 La Liga Sevilla-Real Madrid Football (CCTVReg UUSee) Shanghai Sports (UUSee)...

Is there a broadcast of Real Madrid’s CCTV5 against Seville this week: Yes, 5 on demand

Tonight, Real Madrid and Does the match of Seville live on CCTV5? What time will it start?: On October 25th, at 04:00 on CCTV-5, the live broadcast of Seville vs. Espanyol does not broadcast the match of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid vs. Seville When is the match time in Asia, is there a live broadcast on CCTV5?: 03:00 Sevilla vs Real Madrid CCTV-5, Guangdong Sports, ABC, Taixing 59, Super Sports

Real Madrid vs. Serbia Is there a live broadcast of Veria cctv5? Time??: Monday, October 5th at 03:00 La Liga Seville-Real Madrid Guangdong Sports CCTV5 not broadcast, Guangdong Sports transfer~

Real Madrid VS this week Is CCTV5 live broadcast in Seville?: Yes, CCTV5 live broadcast at 5 am


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