Juventus VSAC Milan (the hidden danger of Juventus defense)

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Match time: Serie A 02:45

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Juventus-AC Milan

This season The performance of the two teams is relatively dramatic. Juventus has won the Serie A championship for many seasons, but this season only worked hard for the top 4.

AC Milan once occupied the top spot, but with Ibrahimovic's injury, now there is only one way to fight for the top 4.

In recent times, Juventus defeated Udinese 2-1 in the last round of away games. Recently, they have won three consecutive rounds of undefeated record, but how long they have maintained a record of consecutive goals conceded is not the past in defense. Juventus for several seasons.

Juventus currently ranks third with 69 points in the Serie A standings, but only leads 5th Naples by 2 points. The UEFA Champions League qualification is not strong, so the team has 4 remaining points. All rounds of the league must strive to win.

AC Milan's recent situation is worse than Juventus. If it were not for the advantages accumulated at the beginning of the season, AC Milan might have fallen to the top 4.

Fortunately, AC Milan defeated Benevento 2-0 at home in the last round, and finally came out of the shadow of the previous league's two-game losing streak.

However, like Juventus, AC Milan's current state is far from being compared to the beginning of the season. Even Sensoro can score 3 points as a guest. AC Milan's defense can be imagined.

Moreover, AC Milan and Juventus currently have the same points, but the goal difference is lagging behind. If you want to get rid of the non-top 4 risks, you still need to win. The fighting spirit is also worthy of recognition.

This season, the top 4 competition in Serie A is very fierce, and the gap between the 2-6 teams is not more than 5 points, and the final ranking of the league may continue to refresh.

The current qualifications of the two teams in the Champions League have not been determined, so the desire to win is very strong, but Juventus has always been clearly superior in terms of overall strength, and the current trend is also inclined to Juventus. The biggest advantage is at the league level. Juventus has won 9 consecutive victories against AC Milan at home. The current trend has ignored the league's first away AC Milan. Juventus can win this game.

Suggestion: Juventus wins

Score suggestion: 2:0-3:1


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