The 18th round of the Serie A national derby: Inter Milan VS Juventus, Juventus should not be lost!

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Serie A round 18

Inter Milan VS Juventus Tus

Game time: 2021-01-18 03:45

Team analysis

Inter Milan

Since China Suning became a shareholder of Inter Milan The investment in the past two seasons has become more and more sufficient. The changes that this has brought to the team are obvious. After the players of various strengths have reached their positions, the Nerazzurri has completely transformed into a real strong team. There is still a clear gap between today's team and Juventus, which has won eight consecutive championships. And the recent Juventus status has returned to bravery. Although it was ranked after the top four at the beginning of the season, the current Nerazzurri faces a major test. In the 4 games since January, there were only 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and the team's most criticized place may be the lack of coaching skills of coach Conte. Although the overall performance this season is close to Juventus and AC Milan, they are only better offensively, but their defensive ability is far less stable than Juventus and AC Milan. The team also ranked third in Serie A in the number of goals conceded. Although the firepower has been swept away recently and has already had a championship posture, the news that Suning is about to sell the club’s shares on the sidelines still pushes the team in an unknown direction. . Suning's Chinese team already owes serious wages, and once Inter Milan is sold by Suning, they will face restructuring, which undoubtedly brings many unpredictable unknowns to the club.


Just past Juventus in the summer of 2020 can be said to be very uneasy. The head coach changed to Pirlo, who has no experience in coaching. The signings began to start with young players, not only Kulusevsky, McKennie, and Jr. Kiye. A young player like Sa, and a mesozoic like Morata, have been in charge, and the team has been in an extremely hot state after successively cutting off strong teams like AC Milan and Sassuolo. Although Florence was splashed with cold water in the last game last year, the blood of the Bianconeri has been boiling since then. They will continue to advance in the league, and the Nerazzurri, which has a little lack of stamina this season, is likely to become their gun. Under the dead soul. The Bianconeri not only has the advantage in strength, but also has the advantage in the confrontation and the mentality of the players. Although the two teams are not much different in the standings, the overall strength is worlds apart. The absence of the top star Cristiano Ronaldo at the beginning of the season caused the team's offensive weakness and too many draws, but now they are quickly chasing points. Due to the gradual ordering of the lineup and the more tacit cooperation, the results of the Bianconeri are slowly improving. I believe that returning to the top of the league standings is just around the corner.

Game analysis:

AC Milan defeated Inter Milan 2:1 in the 4th round of Serie A to win the city's derby victory, and Juventus in the 16th round Tus defeated the rosy Rossoneri 3:1 away, which can be concluded: Inter Milan is not as good as AC Milan, and AC Milan is not as good as Juventus, inferring that Inter Milan is lower than Juventus. Winning the Bianconeri in this game can be placed second in the standings, and Juventus will certainly not miss this rare opportunity.

Confidence Index: Juventus★★★

Record: Inter Milan 5 games, 3 wins and 1 draw 1 loss to Juventus 5 games, 4 wins, 0 draws and 1 loss inverseIn the last 6 matches, the Bianconeri have an unbeaten record of 5 wins and 1 tie. They have completed their crush on the Nerazzurri, with a winning rate of 68%. Inter Milan has only a 28% chance of an upset and a draw. The probability is as low as 4%.


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