Season 02: Qi Zu interprets Tianwaifeixian, the tragic king of Sanya in the pharmaceutical factory

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Editor's note: The new crown epidemic has invaded world football in 2020, and football has suffered a huge impact. It seems that even the semi-finals of the Champions League will have to wait until midsummer. In the days when the European champions are not competing, it may be a good choice to listen to the past stories of the Champions League. Speaking from the restructuring of the Champions League in 1992, the author will take you to feel the situation of the Champions League with a simple brush and ink.

There is such a team, they won the Champions League three times in five seasons, but only won one league title; there is such a team, they all go together on the three fronts, but they collapsed at the last moment. You will never be able to guess the world of football. Giants have the temperament of a wealthy, and the rise of upstarts takes time to settle. Just like the Champions League in the 2000/01 season, the strong La Liga and the determined Bundesliga joined the 2001/02 Champions League final, but this time the winner became the Spanish team. The only constant is that the traditional giants had the last laugh.

[The formation of the five major leagues]

The quota allocation for the 2001/02 UEFA Champions League is based on 2000 After years of hard work, the Premier League finally returned to the top five position and the top five leagues officially returned. In the next 20 years, the position of the four major leagues of Anglo, Italy, Germany and West is as stable as Mount Tai, while Ligue 1 has gradually become the goalkeeper of the first-line league. During the period, apart from being briefly overtaken by the Portuguese Super League, he was able to hold his position most of the time.

League points in 2000

The effects of the Bosman Act and the restructuring of the Champions League are taking place The effect of quantitative change to qualitative change. Therefore, in the 2001/02 UEFA Champions League play-offs, almost all of the five major league teams passed, and Liverpool swept the Finnish champion Haka 9-1. The only one who got out was Parma, but it was Lille from Ligue 1 who eliminated them-it seems that the sluggish play-offs of the Serie A team are not just a phenomenon that has existed in the past decade.

This is the first time Liverpool has returned to the Champions League stage after the Heysel tragedy in 1985. Although the Red Army won the "Little Triple Crown" including the UEFA Cup a year ago, they can only be regarded as a "new army" in the Champions League after the reform. However, the strength of the five major leagues is already an established fact, with more than half of the 32 participating teams.

The results of the 2001/02 UEFA Champions League play-offs

[British, German, and West three-legged]

The Serie A in the 1990s was indeed brilliant, but by the turn of the century, the Little World Cup was no longer a glorious one. The fast-rising Lazio folds its wings in a less competitive group, and can only be eliminated from the bottom of the group. Roma and Juventus were able to qualify in the group, but they fell short in the second stage of the group match against the British and German teams. The Red Wolves were suppressed by Liverpool because of their mutual record disadvantages, and the Bianconeri became the bottom one in disgrace.

2001/02 UEFA Champions League first stage group stage points

Indeed, England, Germany and West are strong The confidence lies in the rise of the second group. The Premier League has gathered three giants of the "Magic Army Factory". Not to mention, the Bundesliga has a strong and strong Leverkusen, and La Liga is a "Super Deco" with unlimited prosperity. With the advent of the 21st century, Serie A's lagging behind in management will continue to appear, and Florence, Lazio and Parma, the latter seven sisters of Serie A, will enter a period of turbulence. Therefore, no Serie A team appeared in the Champions League quarter-finals for two consecutive seasons.

As for the Anglo-Dutch team, Dortmund and Mallorca were out of the first stage of the group stage. Arsenal fell in the second stage of the group stage. By the quarter-finals, the three leagues had occupied seven. Seat, Panathinaikos became the strongest supporting actor, Constantin among the Greek giantsTinu also scored 6 goals, which is a clear stream among the five major league monopolies. It is a pity that they were quickly eliminated by Barcelona-the Champions League semi-finals are no longer an affordable game for the "small club".

2001/02 UEFA Champions League second stage group stage standings

This year’s UEFA Champions League, There have also been many episodes. For example, after the famous "911 Incident" is the European game day, football players have expressed dissatisfaction. The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup matches have to be postponed. This is the first time in 46 years. In the second stage of the group stage, the Roma players besieged the Galatasaray players at the Olympic Stadium, and even the police participated in the battle. This conflict almost triggered a diplomatic conflict between the two countries.

The 2001/02 season was really an eventful season, for the entire European football scene.

[Galactic Battleship, set sail! 】

Today’s fans talk about Real Madrid, they will always be associated with the words "superstars gathered" and "luxury battleship". This distinctive style is to a certain extent by Florentino. Give. This man, called the "Lafayette" by Real Madrid fans, was elected President of Real Madrid with 57% of the votes in 2000, and then began to build a football aircraft carrier called the "Galaxy Battleship".

In the summer of 2000, the Portuguese superstar Figo transferred to Real Madrid from Barcelona with a world record worth of 61 million euros, playing in the world football team. The altar caused a huge wave, and angry Barcelona fans regarded Figo's transfer to a mortal enemy as a betrayal, and even threw a pig's head at the Portuguese in the national derby. No matter how the outside world commented, this is a landmark signing by Real Madrid, marking the official start of the first phase of the Galaxy Battleship.

In the summer of 2001, Galeries Lafayette made another big offer. Real Madrid used 71.5 million euros to bring Zidane from Turin to Madrid, which once again caused a sensation in the world. In this way, Real Madrid contributed to its centuries. Birthday gift. At this time, Real Madrid already has four top superstars, Raul, Carlos, Figo and Zidane, which can be described as star-studded. The team pursues a policy of "frontcourt superstar + backcourt youth training", which has begun to conquer. road.

The lineup of Real Madrid in the 2001/02 season

The meaning of the galaxy sailing is more than just creating the world The unprecedentedly gorgeous lineup of superstars in football relies more on the influence of the stars to bring commercial growth. "Marca" once lamented: "Florentino's success is not on the green field. His terrible The place is to build the Bernabeu into a real Jinyuan Empire."

[Eternal Flying Immortals]

March 6, 2002 is Real Madrid’s 100th birthday, and the Galaxy Battleship passed Is not happy. The team has successively signed superstars, but all fronts except the Champions League are uneven. The league can't catch up with the strong Valencia, and the Copa del Rey lost to the heyday Super Deportivo in the final. If the four are all in the end, it is undoubtedly a great irony of the superstar policy.

Fortunately, Real Madrid's Champions League DNA is still there. Unlike many powerful players who were eliminated in the two-stage group stage, the Galaxy Battleship was stable all the way, losing only one of the 12 group matches. The location of the loss was the cold Moscow, and the background was that it had already qualified in advance. In the quarter-finals, facing old rivals Bayern, Real Madrid almost captured Munich in the first round, but Effenberg and Pizarro gave the Galaxy Battleship Black for eight minutes, but after returning to the Bernabeu, El Guti and Guti scored. The ball helped Real Madrid reverse the total score.

The 2001/02 UEFA Champions League knockout process

The semi-finals are the passionate Spanish national derby, Qi Dane and McManaman broke the goal. Real Madrid destroyed the Camp Nou fortress in the first round, and when they moved to Bernabéu in the second round, there was an episode-the terrorist organization "ETA" produced two explosions before the opening. The game was still held as scheduled, and Real Madrid shook hands with their arch rivals 1-1 at home and entered the final smoothly.

Successive elimination of the Champions League rivals and league rivals to advance to the finals, there is probably no more joyful process for Real Madrid’s soldiers. Leverkusen, the final opponent in the decisive battle, was not as famous or experienced as himself, which made the morale of the Galaxy battleship even higher. The facts are indeed in line with people’s expectations. Raul scored with a shot at the beginning and Lucio quickly equalized for the pharmaceutical factory. At this time, the superstar determined the outcome of the game-Zidane scored the most classic goal of his career. .

Regarding Zidane’s winning goal in the 2002 Champions League final, no one did not praise him. The score at the time was 1 to 1, and the first half was about to end.After that, Carlos passed the ball to Zidane, and the trajectory of the ball was slightly higher than expected... But the person who received the ball was Zidane, known as the master of the first generation. He volleyed the ball directly and the football stroked Follow a wonderful trajectory straight into the net nest. This brilliant goal made all the fans go crazy, it was incredible, like a work of art.

Raul’s goal is also very exciting

The masterpiece of Qi ancestors——Flying immortals outside the sky

Later, people called Zidane’s goal of the century as the flying immortals outside the sky. Such masterpieces even made People have forgotten the other stories of this final. You must know that if Casillas had not become famous as a substitute, the Galaxy Battleship would never have won the championship. But this is the legend, this is the classic. Zidane finally broke his fate after losing consecutive Champions League finals, and Real Madrid won the Big Ears Cup for the third time in five seasons!

[Leverkusen, the great loser]

History always celebrates victory However, this does not mean that the loser is not great enough. Looking at the world football, "Sanya King" Leverkusen must be the most legendary loser.

In that era of contention of a hundred schools of thought, Leverkusen was a shining light in European football. From the 1996/97 season to the 2001/02 season, they won the league runner-up four times and scored once in the Champions League. In the finals, he failed to win any trophy with gold content. From the perspective of honor, the Leverkusen in its heyday was undoubtedly a failure, but from the perspective of the process, their success is no less than that of any giant.

In the 2001/02 season, Leverkusen, who has entered the "full body", is surging. In the second stage of the group match with Juventus, they came to the fore and then eliminated Liverpool with a heart-stirring 4-2 reversal. In the semi-finals, they successfully eliminated the incomparably powerful Manchester United with a total score of 3 to 3 and relied on away goals to defeat Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final. At the same time, Leverkusen in the German Cup also passed all the way to the final.

In the second group stage of the 2001/02 season, the pharmaceutical factory beat Juventus 3-1

At least At that time, it was generally believed that Leverkusen, with strong troops and strong momentum, would end the history of the league without a championship, and might even create a fairy tale in the Champions League. However, the story evolved completely in another direction. In 18 days, Leverkusen defeated the third line and became the protagonist of the tragedy.

On April 27, 2002, the 33rd round of the Bundesliga. Despite the previous loss to Bremen, Leverkusen still maintained the lead in the standings. As a result, facing the relegation team, the leader inexplicably lost 0 to 1, and Dortmund took the opportunity to overtake and eventually won. League championship.

On May 11, 2002, the German Cup final. The powerful Leverkusen took the lead, but Schalke 04 on the opposite side showed strong fighting spirit and took the championship with a 4-2 reversal.

On May 15, 2002, the Champions League final. Zidane's extraordinary performance is remembered by the world, and the figure of Barack passing by the Big Ear Cup is also frozen.

In 18 days, from the Triple Crown to the Sanya King, Leverkusen, who has the blood of German football, is regrettable The way to smash the halberd and sink the sand. That summer, Barack, Schneider, Neuville, and Ramello played in the World Cup finals again. Unfortunately, Lucio followed the Samba Army and succeeded in seven battles. This is probably football. Although there is no honor, time will still remember that Leverkusen.

[Talk about Real Madrid’s five-year triple crown]

In the 118-year history of Real Madrid so far, there have been three glorious periods of the Champions League-five consecutive championships in the ancient times and five consecutive championships at the turn of the century. The three crowns in the year and the four crowns in five years of the platinum dynasty are the most subtle of the glory at the turn of the century.

In the 1997/98 season, Real Madrid ranked 4th in the Real Madrid League, 11 points behind Barcelona; in the 1999/00 season, Real Madrid ranked only 5th in the League, and they stole Zaragoza’s Champions League spot; 2001/02 In the season, Real Madrid ranked third, 9 points away by Varen. But in these three seasons, they all dominated Europe in the end, and they have to sigh the strength of the Champions League DNA, which also reflects the major changes in this tournament-the protagonist is not necessarily the league champion.

Champions League champions list, Real Madrid is a legend

In fact, after entering the 21st century, many Champions League The champion did not play well in the league that seasonVery good, this has become a phenomenon, but it does not mean that the European champions are inadequate, and the competition is more cruel and fierce. In any case, Real Madrid's achievements are extraordinary and real. Through this period of connecting the past and the next, they have further stepped into the world and created an unprecedentedly gorgeous galaxy. It’s a pity that the Jinyuan aircraft carrier may not be able to bring the championship, the Champions League, is about to enter a troubled world of competition...

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Champions League memory: the past champions of the Champions League Story


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