20th Champions League third round Leverkusen

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[ Champions League] October 19-20, the third round of the Champions League Bayer Leverkusen-Tottenham Lyon-Juventus Real Madrid-Warsaw Arsenal- Ludogorets Barcelona-Manchester City Bayern-Eindhoven focus post

October 19-20, the third round of the Champions League Leverkusen-Tottenham Lyon- Juventus Real Madrid-Warsaw Arsenal-Ludogorets Barcelona-Manchester City Bayern-Eindhoven Focus Posts @##0}
Leverkusen vs Tottenham
Match time: 2016.10.19 2:45 (Beijing time)
Both sides of the match: Leverkusen (home team) vs Tottenham (away team)
Venue: Bayer Arena
On-duty host Referee: Chakir
Live signal: LeTV CCTV5+ PPTV Beijing 1 Sina Champions League 3
Injury information:
Leverkusen: Yurchenko, Bojan Palo, Belaraby
Tottenham: Kane
Expected starting lineup:
Leverkusen (4-2-3-1): Goalkeeper: No. 1 Leno guard: No. 39 Henriks, No. 4 Jonathan Tower , No. 21 Toprak, No. 18 Wendel midfielder: No. 20 Arangis, No. 44 Kanpur Midfielder: No. 19 Brandett, No. 10 Charhanoglu, No. 31 Voland forward: 7 Hernandez No.
Tottenham (4-2-3-1): Goalkeeper: No. 1 Lorris Guard: No. 2 Walker, No. 4 Aldweireld, No. 5 Vertonghen, No. 33 Ben Davis midfielder: No. 12 Wanyama, No. 17 Moussa Sissoko Midfielder: No. 23 Eriksson, No. 20 Ali, No. 11 Lamela Forward: No. 7 Sun Xingmin
Analysis : Tottenham wins and hits the top of the list: In the first two rounds of the Champions League group stage, Tottenham defeated Monaco 1-2 at home in the first round, and this round they defeated CSKA Moscow 1-0 at home. After two rounds, Tottenham temporarily ranked second in the group. This time against Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham are eager to win and attack the top of the list. After losing to Monaco, Tottenham scored 5 wins and 1 tie in 6 games in all competitions. They are also the only team that remains unbeaten in the Premier League. In such a good state, Pochettino also hopes that the team will continue to be strong.

Leverkusen welcomes the key battle for promotion: Leverkusen drew with CSKA Moscow and Monaco in the first two rounds of the Champions League, and currently ranks third in the group temporarily. However, they are only 2 points away from Monaco, which is the top spot. As long as they beat Tottenham in this round, Leverkusen also has the opportunity to jump to the first place in the group. For both sides, I am afraid this is a key battle for the right to qualify for the team. So far this season, Leverkusen remains unbeaten at home, but they lost to Bremen in the last round of the Bundesliga. Against Tottenham, Leverkusen is bound to go all out to win.

Sun Xingmin PK Xiaopea: In the absence of the top scorer Kane injured, South Korean star Sun Xingmin provoked Tottenham’s offensive burden. He scored 4 goals in 5 league games this season, which is the same as the number of goals scored in 28 games last season. Last week, Sun Xingmin became the first Asian star to win the Player of the Month in Premier League history. While landingBefore the Premier League, Sun Xingmin played for Leverkusen and performed well. Returning to his hometown to face his old club, Sun Xingmin will start a PK with Hernandez. Little Pea arranged six of Leverkusen's last eight goals, and the former Manchester United striker recovered his form in Germany. Sun Xingmin and Hernandez, who can score in this game? This has become the biggest attraction.

Tottenham’s predominant match record: There is only one match between the two teams in the history of the European war. In the 2006-07 Europa League, Tottenham defeated Bayer Leverkusen 1-0. The only goal scored was the famous striker Berbatov.

Pre-match voice

Leverkusen coach Schmidt: "We did not perform well in the battle against Bremen. We did not perform at a personal level. Want to beat Tottenham, We must adjust in all aspects, including mentality and competitive state. We must do better, because there is no doubt that the opponents of the Champions League are stronger."

Tottenham coach Pochettino: "This will be A very crucial game. It’s a pity that we didn’t win this weekend, but we are in a good state. Leverkusen is a very strong team and we must do our best. Sun Xingmin will not let up in the face of his old team. , He will prove himself with goals." Tencent
Lyon VS Juventus
Competition time: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 02:45 Beijing time
Competition venue: Lyon Olympic Stadium, France
Referee: Marsignac (Poland)
Broadcast Platform: CCTV5 LeTV Sports PPTV Sina Sports More broadcast channels, please pay attention to the live update before the game
Next game: 02:45 on October 23, 2016 AC Milan vs Juventus
Predicted starting lineup: Juventus (3-5-2): Goalkeeper: Buffon Defender: Bernardia, Bonucci, Balzali Midfielder: Alves, Pjanic, Le Mina, Khedira, Alex- Sandro forwards: Dybala, Higuain
Lyon (3511): Lopez; Mbiwa, Nkulu, Mamana; Rafael, Dadel, Gonalon, Tolisso, Ray Booth; Fekir; Lacazette
Analysis: After the first two rounds of the group stage, Juventus ranked first with 4 points, and Lyon ranked third with 3 points. After Juventus drew with Seville in the first round, they beat Dinamo Zagreb 4-0 in the second round, while Lyon lost to Seville in the second round after they defeated Dinamo Zagreb in the first round. Two rounds of back-to-back against Lyon will be the key battle to determine whether Juventus can advance to the knockout rounds. Juventus have won all of the last five games, scoring 14 goals and conceding only one goal. The last time they lost was an away defeat to Inter Milan on September 19. Lyon has recently been in poor form, with only 1 win and 3 losses in 4 games in all competitions, but this season 5 home games have achieved 4 wins and 1 loss, nearly 3 home games have won all, scoring 10 goals and only conceded 1 goal.

In the quarter-finals of the 2013-14 UEFA Europa League, Juventus beat Lyon 1-0 away. Bonucci scored the only goal in the 85th minute. At home, Pirlodi The scoring was opened in 4 minutes, and Umtiti, who now plays for Barcelona (official website data), scored an own goal in the 68th minute, and Juventus finally won 2-1. Juventus scored 14 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses against French Ligue 1 teams on 24 occasions, and remained unbeaten against French Ligue 1 teams nearly 4 times. Lyon lost all three home games in the Champions League group stage last season, but this season's group stage first game at home defeated Dinamo Zagreb 3-0. Lyon scored 4 wins, 7 draws and 7 losses against the Serie A team 18 times. At home, they scored 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, and lost all of the last 3 games.

2. Higuain wants revenge

In the quarter-finals of the 2009-10 UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid (statistics) played against Lyon, and Higuain made a single strike for Real Madrid’s starter The goal post, and Pianic, who played for Lyon at the time, scored a strong shot. Lyon advanced to the quarter-finals after a 1-1 draw with Real Madrid, and Real Madrid was eliminated. Higuain, who missed the single-handedly, became one of the sinners eliminated by Real Madrid. . Higuain has been in excellent form recently, scoring 4 goals for Juventus in 4 appearances, and his striker partner Dybala scored 4 goals in 3 appearances. After a lapse of 7 seasons against Lyon again, whether Higuain can complete his revenge.

3. Pjanic vs. old club

Before switching to Rome, Pjanic played for Lyon for 4 seasons, scoring 16 goals in 120 appearances. When playing for Lyon, Pjanic was regarded as Juninho’s successor, and in the 2009-10 season, he wore the No. 8 jersey worn by Juninho. It was also this season that Pjanic was playing against him. Anderlecht scored his first Champions League goal from a free kick. For Juventus, the baseJellini was absent due to a muscle injury, Marchisio will return from injury, and in Lyon, Lacazette has been absent with a thigh injury since September 10.

Pre-match remarks

Allegri (Juventus coach): "Who can advance to the group stage? It should be a competition of three teams. The game against Lyon will It's a direct confrontation. We have to beat our opponents. For qualifying, these are two key battles. After defeating Udinese, we must first focus on the game against Lyon, and then we will consider how to deal with Milan. We can only Focus on the game in front of you, otherwise there will be chaos."

Olas (Chairman of Lyon): "We made several mistakes in defense when we played against Nice on Friday. But our players are very Smart, they will learn from their mistakes and will be ready to face Juventus."

Alex Sandro (Juventus defender): "We know that Lyon is a very strong team , There are many outstanding players and excellent organization. We are preparing for this game very hard, we know it will be a very difficult game. Even if I have not been recruited into the national team, I will continue to train and play hard , Continue to prove their strength." Tencent

Real Madrid VS Warsaw Legion
Kick-off time: Beijing time, October 19, 2016 02:45 (Wednesday morning)
Venue: Bernabéu Stadium
Broadcasting agency: LeTV Live/PPTV/Sina Live
Next game: 10.24 02:45 Real Madrid VS Athletic Bilbao
Injury report: Real Madrid: Ramos, Modric, Casemiro
Warsaw Legion: None
Predicted starter:
Real Madrid (4-3-3): 1-Navas/2-Carvajal, 3-Pepe, 5-Varane, 12-Marcelo/10-J Luo, 8-Tony Cross, 22-Isco/11-Bell, 7- Cristiano Ronaldo, 9- Benzema
Warsaw Legion (4-4-1-1): 1- Maraz /19-Beresinski, 4-Chervinski, 25-Reinisak, 14-Hlausek/8-Ofo, 3-Jodvovich, 75-Moulin, 6-Guillerme/32-Radović/11-Nikolic
Analysis: Aspect 1: Real Madrid has won eight straight home games in the Champions League
Real Madrid has been unbeaten in 22 games in all competitions. Last weekend, Real Madrid swept Real Betis 6-1 away in La Liga and won their first victory in the last five games in all competitions. At home in the Champions League, Real Madrid's record is very strong. Real Madrid currently has seven consecutive victories at home in the Champions League. In the first two rounds of the UEFA Champions League this season, Real Madrid has 1 win and 1 tie and temporarily ranked second in the group. In the previous five seasons, Real Madrid had only one defeat in the Champions League. It was in the quarter-finals of the 2014-15 UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid lost 3-4 at home to Schalke 04. In the first two rounds of the UEFA Champions League this season, the Warsaw Legion lost all in 2 games and lost 8 goals with 0 goals. The Warsaw Legion also performed poorly in the Polish League. The recent state is very bad. Real Madrid hopes to take all at home in this game. Three points, ushered in an 8-game winning streak at home in the Champions League.
Highlight 2: Cristiano Ronaldo rushes to Europe with 100 goals Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the first two rounds of the UEFA Champions League this season. In the just-concluded World Cup European budget match, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 4 goals in two games on behalf of the Portuguese national team and beat Betis 6-1 last week. In the league, Cristiano Ronaldo contributed 1 goal and 1 assist. The Portuguese star has been in great shape recently. The Warsaw Legion’s poor line of defense this season may be difficult to withstand the impact of Ronaldo. Real Madrid not only has a high probability of winning in this game, but it is also likely to usher in a big victory. In this way, Ronaldo is expected to win his European war. The scoring record was refreshed to 100 goals, becoming the first player to score 100 goals in the European War.
Pre-match remarks
Zidane (Real Madrid coach): We have to start this game, we have to create more difficulties for our opponents, a player always needs self-confidence, and every player can do it What we do is always work harder to train and compete. If we can stay focused during the game, then we can use our technology and strength to change the game. Now we have to face another game of a different nature. I don’t Will say that we will score a lot of goals, we must prepare before the game and see what happens in tomorrow's game.
Margiela (Warsaw Legion coach): There are many players who dream of being able to play in the great stadium of Bernabéu. Polish football will show on the stage of the Champions League.At our own level, we have nothing to lose. Both of our teams have a chance. Of course, we know that Real Madrid is the favorite to win the championship. We want to play our best level. I want our players to enjoy this game. Sohu
Arsenal VS Ludogorets
Match time: 2016-10-20 Thursday 02:45 (Beijing time)
Venue: Emirates Stadium (Emirates Stadium)
Referee: Dias (Portugal)
Live match: LeTV PPTV Sina
Next preview: 2016-17 Premier League round 9 at 22:00 on October 22nd Arsenal VS Middlesbrough
Expected starter: Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Goalkeeper: Cech defender No. 33: Bellerin No. 24, Mustafi No. 20, Koscielny No. 6, Monreal No. 18 Defender: Zaka No. 29, Cazorla No. 19 Midfielder: No. 14 Vo Alcott, No. 11 Özil, No. 17 Iwobi Forward: No. 7 Sanchez
Ludogorets (4-2-3-1): Goalkeeper: No. 21 Stoyanov Defender: 25 No. Minev, No. 27 Morty, No. 5 Palomino, No. 32 Plaston. Defensive midfielder: No. 12 Abel, No. 18 Diakov Midfielder: No. 88 Wandson, No. 84 Marcelli Neo, No. 93 Missid Young forward: No. 22 Jonathan Cafu
Analysis: Arsenal's 7-game winning streak: Arsenal first drew with Paris Saint-Germain in the first two rounds of the group stage and then defeated Barcelona Er, temporarily ranked second in the group. This time against Ludogorets, who is recognized as the weakest in the same group, Arsenal's only goal is to defeat their opponents. Arsenal have 8 wins, 2 draws and remain unbeaten in the last 10 games in all competitions, of which the last 6 games have been unbeaten. This time against Ludogorets at home, Arsenal are also looking forward to a 7-game winning streak.

It's impossible for the underdogs to be upset: Ludogorets had 1 draw and 1 loss in the first two rounds of the group stage without a win, but in the Bulgarian domestic league, they have won 6 consecutive victories. This time against Arsenal, if Ludogorets can take a point from the Emirates Stadium, it is considered a successful completion of the task. From the analysis of strength, Ludogorets has no chance of winning, so it is extremely difficult to upset.

Arsenal's full firepower: Arsenal's recent state of popularity stems from the outstanding performance of the attack line. Sanchez has scored 5 goals in the last 8 games of Arsenal, while Walcott has already scored 7 goals this season. Not surprisingly, Wenger will not adjust Arsenal's main lineup, Sanchez will still play as a center, and Ozil, Walcott and Iwobi will ambush behind him to provide support. If the situation can be opened early, a scoring feast will probably come as promised.

The two teams have never met before: There is no record of the two teams in the history of the European war. This will be a standard encounter.

Pre-match voice

Arsenal coach Wenger: "No matter who the opponent is, we will not take it lightly. There are no underdogs in the Champions League. There have been countless lessons before this. We will Take the game seriously and go all out to win. This is a crucial game for us." Tencent
Barcelona VS Manchester City
Competition time: October 20th (Thursday) 02:45
Competition venue: Nou Camp Stadium (home)
Live address: CCTV5 PPTV Sina live LeTV Sports
Next match: La Liga Round 9 Valencia VS Barcelona (2016-10-22 22:15)
Expected starter: Barcelona (433): Tel Stegen; Roberto, Pique, Umtiti, Alba; Rakitic, Busquets, Iniesta; Messi, Suarez, Neymar
Manchester City (433): cloth Lavaux; Sabaletta, Otamendi, Stones, Clichy; Fernandinho, Gundogan, De Bruyne; Silva, Aguero, Sterling
Analysis: Barcelona's main attack
After being infected with the FIFA virus, Barcelona quickly cured the FIFA virus. Alba and Roberto will come back together, Umtiti, who recovered from injury but did not appear in the last round, will appear in the starting lineup. Messi played as a substitute for more than half an hour in the last round. In order to play against Manchester City, Iniesta was hidden in the last round of the league, Busquets, Messi, Suarez did not play the whole game. The Manchester City lineup has the wounded Sarnia, De Bruyne and Kompany have justJust come back, Barcelona has an advantage in state.
MSN Trident vs. Bravo
Two months ago, MSN Trident and Bravo were Barcelona teammates, and now they will fight each other. After being formed in 2014, the MSN Trident has scored 50 goals in the Champions League, and they know Bravo well. Between Bravo and Ter Stegen, Barcelona chose the latter, the Lion King must strive to overwhelm Bravo in a direct dialogue. Messi and Aguero, the friends, will also be their masters in the game.
Guardiola returns to Camp Nou
Guardiola and Enrique's contest is also a highlight of the game. These are the only two triple crown coaches in the history of Barcelona. Guardiola's dream team is regarded as one of the strongest teams in history. Although Enrique's Barcelona control has dropped, the presence of MSN makes this Barcelona attack power bursting. In the first visit to the Camp Nou as the visiting team coach, Guardiola lost 0 to 3 with Bayern, when Messi scored twice. NetEase

Bayern Munich VS Eindhoven
Game time: October 20 (Thursday) 02:45
Venue: Allianz Arena
Live address: CCTV5+ PPTV Champions League Europa League 1 LeTV Sports 16
Injury information: Bayern: Vidal, Ribéry
Expected starting:
Analysis: Bayern Munich
Ancelotti led Bayern to an 8-game winning streak after his comeback, and suffered the first match against Atletico on the second day of the Champions League Lose. Bayern then encountered resistance in the Bundesliga and was tied 1-1 at home by Cologne.
Lewandowski came off the bench against Frankfurt and has scored 14 goals in the past 13 games (club and national team games). The Polish striker has played 201 Bundesliga games, scoring 126 goals (Dortmund 131 games 74 goals, Bayern 70 games 52 goals)*
Kimisi has played for Bayern in the last 7 appearances and contributed 6 goals
Rafini Ya's goal in a 3-1 win over Ingolstadt on September 17 was his first goal for Bayern since April 13, 2013.
Douglas Costa, who suffered injuries this season, only participated in 3 games.
Badstuber (February 13 due to ankle and muscle injury truce) has begun to resume training, he sat on the bench against Frankfurt.
Lewandowski won his third hat trick in the 2016/17 season in Poland's 3-2 victory over Denmark on October 8. Three days later, he scored the winning goal in stoppage time against Armenia to help the team win 2-1. This is his 40th goal for Poland.
Julian Green scored in the friendly match between the United States and Cuba on October 7 (US 2-0 Cuba). On October 12, the United States drew 1-1 with New Zealand in the friendly match. Green scored again.
Robben (ribs) and Harvey Martinez (adductors) missed the October national team game due to injuries. However, in the game against Frankfurt, Robben started and scored, while Harvey Martinez resumed training.
Eindhoven has remained unbeaten in 22 away games in all competitions (17 wins and 5 draws, including the 2016 Dutch Super Cup). The last away loss was on October 21, 2015. Lost to Wolfsburg 0-2. That game was the third round of the Champions League group stage last season.
David Proper has contributed 4 goals for Eindhoven in the past 5 games.
In the 1-1 draw with Heerenveen on October 1, Sim De Jong and his younger brother Luc De Jong, who signed in the summer, played together for the first time in a club game. The draw ended Eindhoven's 13-game winning streak.
On October 10th, Proper made his first start for the Orange in the 0-1 loss to France in the Netherlands. He was replaced by teammate Williams during the game.
The 19-year-old Begovin made his first appearance as a substitute for the Dutch U21 in the 0-0 home draw with Turkey on October 6. Five days later, he scored 2 goals in the Netherlands' 4-1 U21 victory over Cyprus.
Andres Guadrado (hamstring) and Luc De Jong (concussion) were injured in the game against Heerenveen and therefore missed the national team game. However, Luc De Jong played the entire game in Saturday's 1-1 draw with Hercules, and Andres Guadrado did not appear as a substitute. Although Nelson returned to the team early due to a groin injury in the national team game, he also participated in the weekend league.
Hendricks (went out with a knee injury since September 28)And Lokadia (injured to the groin on August 28) are both sidelined due to injuries. UEFA



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